Ball 70mm CLEAR

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The Crystal Ball is Beautiful in All Sizes, and Makes Great Rainbows!

Crystal Ball Family.The Crystal Ball is the Most Popular of all Crystals,
~ and With Good Reason!
A single Crystal Ball can Fill an Entire Room with RAINBOWS!
Pleasing Round Shape, Dozens of Sparkling Facets!

SIX Fabulous Sizes, From 20mm, the Size of a U.S. Nickel, To 70mm, as Big As a Large Orange. Pictured with a U.S. Quarter & a Coffee Mug for Size Comparison! The Ball 70mm is at Far Left, with the Coffee Mug below it.

Left to Right:  Ball 70mm, 20mm (Top), 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, and 50mm.
Note the U.S. Quarter at Top Right, Coffe Mug Lower Left.

Wonderful Crystal Prisms!

Ball 70mm (Right),  SwirlBall 40mm (Left),
and Two Crystal Pendants, 28mm & 18mm.

Great Fun!
Ball 70mm, SwirlBall 40mm, and Two Crystal Pendants- Sunburst 28mm and 18mm