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Maukie the Computer Cat Maukie the Computer Cat Maukie the Computer Cat Maukie the Computer Cat Maukie the Computer Cat Maukie the Computer Cat

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Note: You will need Adobe Flash Player (click here) to See Maukie the Computer Cat.

Welcome, Maukie Cat Friends!

Play With Maukie the Web CatClick to Play With Maukie the Web Cat!Play With Maukie the Web Cat

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Information About Maukie
About Maukie

All About Maukie the Web Cat!

Keep Maukie for Yourself! Right Click HERE and Save
All About Maukie the Web Cat ~ Keep Maukie for Yourself

People like to have Maukie as wallpaper on their computer. They also like to have a desktop icon.
PLEASE DO NOT LINK to Maukie for your wallpaper or desktop.
If you do, this means that every time you start up your computer you make a hit to the Maukie website & overload the website servers.
Enjoy Maukie, play on these pages, but SAVE the file (maukie2.swf) to use on your own desktop or as wallpaper. It would be great if everyone would place Maukie on the desktop without linking.
You can NOT save the cat file by clicking on its picture. However, you can use this TEXT LINK to save the maukie2.swf Shockwave file for your own use.  Right Click, Save it to Your Computer and Enjoy!

Your desktop virtual cat Maukie is the fiercest, cutest cat ever to terrorize your mouse pointer. Move your cursor and Maukie will follow. Scratch her head, and she’ll meow. Rub her tummy, and she’ll purr. All the while, she’s breathing in and out, and watch the tail. She may even try to swat the cursor. The creator of this entertaining feline is unknown.

There are a lot of questions about Maukie.  Some of the answers are here.
First we need to tell you that  WE DID NOT CREATE MAUKIE!   We do not know who did!

Q: Can I use Maukie on my own website?
A: Yes you can, we did too! But remember you can’t ask anyone for permission, because it is unknown who the creator of Maukie is. So if one day the owner walks in, and claims the copyright on the cat, it&rsqou;s possible you will have to take it down.

Q: Why can my friend see Maukie on her computer, and I can’t? We both use PC’s with Internet Explorer.
A: It is very likely that your friend installed the Macromedia Flash Player on her computer and you haven't. You can download  Macromedia Flash Player  here for free.

Q: I have installed the Macromedia Flash player, but I still can't see Maukie. I am using a Mac and/or a browser different from Internet Explorer.
A: This is because the file is being served as text/plain, when it should be served as application/x-shockwave-flash. (We didn't know this at first; Thanks to the kind people who informed us of this.) However, we can't personally change the settings of our site so that SWF files are automatically recognized as ShockwaveFlash. The only thing we can do is put the flash file on a webpage, and have this webpage tell your computer that it is a Flash file. So try viewing the Maukie web page instead of the actual maukie.swf file, and see if that helps.

Q: I am so fond of Maukie. Do you have any more art like Maukie?
A: We are sorry to say, but no we haven't. Of course you can Search Google for more Flash Artwork.

Q: I would like to save Maukie to my own files. How can I do that?
A: Here  is a link to Maukie. Instead of (left) clicking it to open the page to see Maukie, Right-Click on the word "Here" and choose "Save Target As". Save the file maukie2.swf to your computer files. The file can be opened with Internet Explorer.

Q: What does Maukie's name tag say?
A: Here is an enlargement of the tag. There used to be a website with this name (wotch.com).
Wotch Logo  Some think Wotch may have been the creator(s) of Maukie.

Q: Who is Anneke Hut?
A: Anneke Hut is a very talented artist with a website who happened to find Maukie and put her on the website. Maukie became so popular that Anneke wrote pages of information to help people all over the world with their questions about Maukie. We are extremely grateful to Anneke for all of her hard work & research! The Maukie pictures on this page were created by the very talented Anneke Hut.

Art by Anneke Hut

Silly KittyMore About MaukieSilly Kitty

Maukie the Web CatWelcome, Maukie Cat Friends!
Maukie the Web Cat
Maukie the Web Cat
Maukie the Incredible Web Cat
Maukie the Web Cat
Greetings, Cat Fanciers!


Welcome, Maukie Cat Friends!

Play With Maukie the Web Cat!

  Play With Maukie the Web Cat!  
Hope You Like Teasing the Kitty! I Sure Do!

Tweetie Bird! I tawt I taw a putty tat!

  All About Maukie the Web Cat!  
All About Maukie the Web Cat!

Save Maukie Flash File to YOUR Computer ~ Keep Maukie for Yourself & Play Anytime ~
Save the Maukie Flash File to YOUR Computer.

~ Right Click HERE ~ then select SAVE, to Keep Maukie on YOUR Computer!
Click Here For More Help  Note: The help directions may be out of date, but you will get the general idea of what to do. Have Fun! Please DO NOT link to Maukie and use the linked file on your Desktop or for Wallpaper. SAVE the file to your computer first.

If you can't save the file, we will email it to you. Contact mail@sundropcrystal.com
Hope You Like Teasing the Kitty~ I Sure Do!

Have Fun Playing With Maukie the Computer Cat. ~ Have Fun Playing with Maukie the Computer Cat! ~ Have Fun Playing With Maukie the Computer Cat


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