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Sundrop Crystal Has Sparkling Hanging Crystal Ornaments! Enjoy Beautiful Rainbows!

Our Photograph

Crystals Sparkling and Making Flashing Colors in a Window!
Here is an actual Crystal Collection in a Window!


To Our Photo Gallery!

Please enjoy a few of our crystal pictures!

Thanks for stopping in to see our Photos!

Crystals Making Flashing Colors in a Sunny Window The dreary winter landscape outside this window is forgotten, brightened up by the flashing beauty of the crystals! Note the rainbow colors on the Crystal Ball (top center)!

Visible From LEFT: An Icicle 40mm, Fancy Pear 50mm (bottom), Sunburst 40mm (top), Ball 70mm (big crystal at top center), Smooth Slice 50mm, Sundrop 60mm (bottom), Bell 30mm, and Bell 50mm.

It is the little Smooth Slice 50mm making that huge Starburst! Not expensive, but it is an awesome little thing! Makes Great Rainbows!
Decorate your windows with beautiful Crystal!
Fill your life with
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Sparkling Sunburst Crystal Beautiful Bell Crystal Sparkling Icicle Crystal

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Beautiful Crystals that Make Rainbows!!!
These Crystals are Excellent Rainbow Makers!

Almond Crystal
A quilted look, or like a pineapple. Flattened shape, oval with a point at top, like a tear drop, with BRILLIANT shining diamond shaped facets. The almond makes ABSOLUTELY STUNNING RAINBOWS, and is a gorgeous sparkler! This fine crystal is a MUST for your collection! Now in TWO sizes! 50mm and NEW 63mm!
 Almond Crystal from 

Comet Crystal from Swarovski  Comet Crystal
Long, straight, and exquisitely plain, but definitely not dull. Light shoots out of the bottom - Thus the name! Length is 76mm. A great shape and fabulous shine, even in the low light of a cloudy day. GREAT RAINBOWS! Rainbows from the Comet are especially wide and deeply colored. Mingle one with your hanging plants! Also shown in this photo (top left) is the lovely Icicle. Lots of facets, long, angular, and reminiscent of a crystal from a chandelier. The 100mm size as shown is especially beautiful.
Fancy Pear Crystal
A very pretty crystal, lots of irregular facets and a tear-drop shape. Think of a beautiful pear-shaped diamond. One end oval, one end pointed, and just covered with facets! A lovely sparkler and a GREAT COLOR MAKER. Loads of Rainbows! Several sizes, including a very large, dramatic 76mm. Beautiful in either bright or dim light.
Fancy Pear Crystal

Crystal Pear

Pear Photos Pear Photos Pear Photos Pear Photos Swarovski Crystal Pear Photos

Pear Crystal Photos Crystal Pear Photos Pear Photos Pear Photos

Crystal Pear PhotosPear Crystal PhotosPhotos of Crystal PearPear Photos Pear Crystal Photos

Lots of rainbows. Large bright smooth sparkling facets!

Pear Photos

What’'s the Difference Between "Pear" and "Fancy Pear"?

Pear Line DrawingFancy Pear Line Drawing

Pear (left) and Fancy Pear (right)

The Pear has a few large facets and comes to a point in the front and back. It appears to have a star inside of the crystal.

The Fancy Pear has more facets and is more curved and smooth all over. The facet pattern is similar to the cut of a Pear-Shaped Diamond.
Both Make Great Rainbows!
Pear Crystal

Fancy Pear Crystal Sparkly Pear 


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Twinkling Fluted Slice Crystal Gleam ing Swarovski Marquise Crystal Sparkling Swarovski Crystal Moons and Stars.
Sundrop Crystal-Best for Rainbows!StarFlower Crystal Almond 


Slice Crystal Sunburst 


MORE Beautiful Crystals that Make Rainbows!!!

The Wonderful Crystal Ball!

The Crystal Ball is the most popular of all Crystals, and with good reason!
A single crystal ball can fill an Entire Room with RAINBOWS!
The Wonderful Crystal Ball Crystal Ball Gem Colors ~ Beautiful colored crystal, and you still get Rainbows, too! Swirl Ball ~ Just a little bit different from the Ball
The Great Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball Gem Colors Swirl Ball
The Crystal Ball is Beautiful in All Sizes, and Makes Great Rainbows!
Simply choose a Size, & Enjoy the sparkles & the Rainbows!

Gorgeous in 100% pure through & through Clear Crystal. Most sizes are also available with 24K gold ‘ab’ aurora borealis coating. With Aurora Borealis Gold added, only a few facets are touched with the Golden iridescent color, to add a bit of extra sparkle and to make the crystal colorful when there is no sun shining. You can't go wrong with a Crystal Ball!

The Crystal Ball Family along with the Bell Family of Crystals. The spoon, mug, and US Quarter 

(top right) are here to show you how LARGE these crystal ball prisms are, as much as 70mm, or 2.75 inches! The Bell is available in three sizes, 50mm, 40mm, and 

30mm, all shown here. The different shapes of the Ball and Bell (or Dredle) are interesting together.
The Sizes of the Crystal Ball
The Six Sizes of the Crystal Ball are shown here, along with the three sizes of Crystal Prism ‘Bell’. There is also a coffee mug, a spoon, and a US Quarter for size comparison! Pleasing round shape, dozens of sparkling facets. Available in SIX sizes ranging from 20mm, the size of a U.S. Nickel, to 70mm, about the size of an Orange.

Beautiful Luminous Crystal in the Six Sizes of The Crystal Ball. The huge 70mm Ball, almost three inches across, 

is at Left. At far Right is the 50mm Ball, a Beauty at 2 full inches of solid shining crystal.

The 70mm Ball is at far left, with the coffee mug below it.
The popular 40mm Ball is fourth from left, at top center.
Pictured from Left to Right are: 70mm Ball, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, and 50mm.
Note the U.S. Quarter at top right for size comparison.
The Crystal Ball is Beautiful in All Sizes, and Makes Great Rainbows!

Sparkling Crystal Ball. Each size is gorgeous. Larger ones are hefty, heavy, and 

impressive. The Crystal Ball Makes 

Wonderful Rainbows. The larger the crystal ball, the more rainbows it makes. And each larger size also makes LARGER Rainbows! Beautiful shining crystal facets, reflecting light. Rainbow colors are often visible on the surface of the prism, and 

rainbows splash far away from the crystal in sunlight. Crystal Ball ~ Wonderful Rainbows, Beautiful Crystal Shape

The Magic of the Sphere
There is so much crystal packed into the Spherical shape of the Ball that the Rainbows are just Spectacular. Clear, or with a touch of Gold, or in a beautiful Color, each Crystal Ball will give you years of enjoyment. Pretty, shiny, and sparkly all the time. When the sun shines, the real fun begins~ Rainbows! Sizes range from 20mm (3/4 of an inch) to 70mm (almost three inches). All sizes are wonderful, but the LARGER the crystals are, the more impressive and dramatic both they AND the Rainbows are! They will last forever, so splurge and get a Nice BIG One!

See the smooth shimmering beauty and remarkable exquisite Round 

shape of the Crystal Ball. The Crystal Ball, Sparkling Cheerily in Bright Sunlight Generous Large Prism Sizes. Low evening light makes the Crystal Ball appear to Glow.

Breath-Taking Crystal ~ Fabulous Rainbows! Many Hours of Pleasure!
The Rainbows will pick up your spirits every time! One of the few crystals that is truly round. Mixes nicely with other crystal shapes. Enhance Ch’i (vital energy) in Feng Shui decor with these beautiful Round Crystals. Simply choose a Size, and Enjoy the Sparkles and the Rainbows! Gorgeous in pure clear crystal. And, most sizes are also available with 24K gold “ab” aurora borealis coating. Beautiful ab gold is not applied to the entire ball, but just on a few selected facets. It adds sparkling iridescent color to the ball, especially in dim light, and still makes rainbows in the sun! Try one of each - See which you like best! They are very beautiful either way!

Fancy Pear and Red Crystal Ball. The contrast in shape, 

color, and size adds Interest! Crystal Swirl Ball ~ Slightly different shape and facet pattern from the Crystal Ball Swirl Ball ~ Very slightly Teardrop Shaped, Rounded and Pretty, 

with all the Shine and Rainbows of the Crystal Ball.

Don't Miss the Ball in Gemstone Colors and the Swirl Ball!
Spectacular Crystal Balls are available in your Favorite Colors! Beautiful Green, Sapphire Blue, Rose, and Red. They make gorgeous Rainbows just like the Clear Crystals! Here is a brilliant Ball 30mm Red hanging in a crystal display with a beautiful 76mm Fancy Pear crystal prism. They are very pretty together! The Ball is Spherical in shape, with Triangular facets evenly placed all over its surface. These cut and polished facets give the Ball its beautiful sparkly appearance and also give it the ability to make Rainbows! The Swirl Ball is a Beautiful Crystal Ball with unevenly shaped facets in a swirled pattern. A truly lovely variation on the theme of the sphere. Ever so slightly teardrop shaped, and facets arranged in a wavy swirling pattern rather than by strict geometry. Gorgeous and VERY POPULAR! Great rainbows! Improve your Ch’i (vital energy). The Swirl Ball and the Ball are great for Feng Shui!

Ball 30mm Topaz ~ Lovely Golden color! Ball Clear ~ Clear colorless crystal Ball Red ~ Nice, deep Red Ball Blue ~ Medium Sapphire Blue Ball Green ~ Very pretty and popular shade of Bluish Green. Also available in Peridot! Ball Rose ~ Pale Rose Pink

Decorate your windows with beautiful Crystal!
Fill your life with Rainbows!!!

Go Shopping For Crystals

~ A Touching Gift Idea ~

Buy an identical Pair of Crystals or Crystal Pendants.

Give one to a Friend, and keep one for yourself.
These will be a special reminder to you both of each other!
You may catch your special Crystal winking at you,
perhaps when your Friend is thinking of you!

Fill your life with Rainbows! !!
Brightly Flashing Crystal Ball in Sunlight. Someone Is 

Thinking Of You!

Beautiful Crystals that Make Rainbows!!!

Incredible Rainbows from Crystal Prisms!
~ * ~

These Crystals are Excellent Rainbow Makers!
Crystals are beautiful, smooth, shiny, shimmery decorations for your windows.
Did you know that they also make gorgeous brightly colored Rainbows? When the sun shines through the crystals, the colors of the Rainbow are splashed all over!
Pear Crystal
Pear Crystal
Sundrop- Our Namesake
Crystal Sundrop
Our Namesake!
Crystal Sunburst
Crystal Sunburst

More of the Very Best Rainbow Makers!
Finely crafted Austrian crystal from Swarovski will provide years of delight. Crystal is a very highly refined optically pure form of glass. The crystals are cut and polished just like gemstones. The facets cause the crystals to have a breath-taking brilliance. Our fine window prisms are made of the same crystal as the "Silver Crystal" figurines by Swarovski. Crystal LOVES to play with light!
Almond Crystal.
Almond Crystal
Comet Crystal and (Top Left) Icicle 100mm.
Crystal Comet and Icicle
Fancy Pear Crystal
Fancy Pear Crystal

Beautiful Prism Shapes and Even More Great Rainbows!
Crystals make wonderful Gifts! Small, inexpensive, yet long-lasting and lively. Someone you are fond of will enjoy your gift for many years, every time the sun shines! If you like suncatchers, you will adore these. They bring in the sun and also make gay colorful rainbows! As the sun moves, or the crystals move in a breeze, the rainbows move and dance!
Unique Shape~ Beautiful Bell Crystal
Crystal Ball ~ Wonderful Rainbows!
Crystal Ball
Wonderful Rainbows!
Marquise Crystal- Just Like Diamonds!

Pretty Crystal Shapes and Great Rainbows!
Crystals can fit any home decorating scheme! Crystals are available in beautiful colors, and in your favorite shapes. Stars, moons, even dolphins can dance in your windows! Crystals are available purely clear, or with a light coating of 24K Gold called "ab" for "aurora borealis". This gives the crystal a slight golden color and makes it colorful and iridescent in dim light. Try the delights of beautiful crystals today! You will wonder how you ever lived without them!
Crystal StarFlower
Crystal StarFlower
Smooth Slice Crystals
Smooth Slice
Beautiful Sparkling Crystal Stars and Moons
Beautiful Crystal Stars

Beautiful Crystal Blue Dolphin with AB (SORRY, DISCONTINUED) With Sparkling Crystals in a Sunny Window. Crystal BELL shnes at bottom edge.
Beautiful Crystal Blue Dolphin with AB (SORRY, DISCONTINUED) With Sparkling Crystals in a Sunny Window.
What FUN!   Wonderful Crystal BELL Shines at Bottom Edge.

Crystal Prisms Do Amazing Things With Light!

Brilliantly Flashing AB Crystal in 
Sunlight- Wow!

This gorgeous crystal is making a bright flash of Light
Just by being in the Sun!

Crystals make gay colorful rainbows that flash all around them. Crystals are shiny and shimmery and very beautiful. You must enjoy these crystals for yourself to understand the pleasure & entertainment they provide! Crystals can create high drama in sunlight! Sunlight is refracted, causing the bright colors of the rainbow to become visible! Brilliant flashes of light, as seen in this photo, and beautiful colored Rainbows, are produced by the crystals and light up your home and your life!
(Crystal shown is Sunburst with ab)
Fill your life with Rainbows!! !
Enjoy More of Our Favorite Oldies!

Sparkly Swarovski Crystal Makes Rainbow Colors.

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