Sundrop Crystal Has Swarovski Austrian Crystal Prisms. Hanging Prisms Make Riots of Rainbows! Big Crystals for Big Rainbows!

~ The Very Best Rainbow Makers ~

All of our Crystals make Rainbows!  ~  Some are a little better at it than others!
For the Biggest, Brightest Rainbows to Knock Your Socks Off, These Crystal Prisms Will Do the Job!
•  Clear Crystals are Best for Making Rainbows  •
Please Keep in Mind, LARGER Crystals Make Better Rainbows!
~ Bigger Crystals make Bigger Rainbows! ~

Fancy Pear ~ 76mm OR 63mm Fancy Pear Crystal! Fancy Pear 76mm Gorgeous Crystal! There just are not enough good things to say about the Fancy Pear!! Think of a pear-shaped Diamond. One end oval, one end pointed, and just completely covered with lovely facets! A wonderful sparkler and a GREAT COLOR MAKER. Beautiful in bright OR dim light. Try one! This large size is a rare treat, huge, hefty, and waiting to make rainbows for you! This is the King of the Fancy Pear family, a full Three inches in length, with huge rainbows to match. Get one! Too big? Try the Generous 63mm Fancy Pear! Beautiful Size! Two and a half inches of Incredible Crystal! Just like a diamond, lots of facets! Loads of Big Rainbows! This is a crystal we could not find until recently, and we are glad to have it back! Don't miss this opportunity to have one for your collection!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $50.00 $45.99 On Sale!
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Beautiful Swarovski Crystal SunDancer!
SunDancer ~ 60mm, 50mm, or 40mm Sun Dancer Octagon Prism! This is a NEW octagonal crystal like our favorite Sundrop! Freshly designed, with exciting facets added. This crystal is very sparkly and very beautiful. It is also impossible to photograph, so our pictures cannot do it justice! Great Rainbows! Lovely flowery facet pattern. This design is based on the always fabulous Sundrop Octagon, with Extra Facets added! Gorgeous! A new creation from Swarovski, and they have outdone themselves. This is a WONDERFUL crystal! Enjoy yours today! Four fabulous shimmery sizes! Try the GRAND 60mm Size! Add a Rainbow of Crystal Beads on the hanger for even more Fun! A perfect addition to your collection!   Genuine Swarovski Crystal $60.00 $49.99 On Sale!
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Gorgeous Swarovski Fancy Pear Crystal.
Fancy Pear 50mm OR 50AB
Swarovski Fancy Pear Crystal 8721 Great Size, Great Rainbows! About two inches, hefty, perfect for a very nice gift. Perfect to combine with other crystals in your window display! Especially pretty facet pattern, a truly lovely crystal.

Fancy Pear with AB is Brilliantly Golden and sparkly! (Sorry, crystal shown is clear). This crystal has been unavailable to us for a long time, and we are incredibly pleased to finally have it! Snap one up! GORGEOUS golden flashing iridescence. Hang it in front of a mirror so it can admire itself. This is the genuine Swarovski full lead model~ Don't miss it!   Genuine Swarovski Strass 8721
$23.00 $19.99 On Sale!
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Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Ball.
Ball 40mm CLEAR or AB The Great Crystal Ball. Colorless and Clear, Wonderful Magical Crystal, through and through! Makes incredible Rainbows! This Crystal Ball is 40mm, Generously Sized at just over 1.5 Inches. Hefty and Round and Covered with Sparkly Facets! Newer Style (8558) Crystal Ball has more facets than the Vintage (8550) Style Crystal Ball. The added facets give the Ball a Smooth and Rounded appearance, perfect for Feng Shui. The ball is very Sparkly as it moves and light reflects from all of those facets! Rainbows decorate your walls and you can see Rainbow Colors on the crystal itself. What are you waiting for? Try One! Select Clear Crystal or AB. The AB style crystal is still clear & colorless, with translucent 24K Gold coating placed on just a few of the facets. This adds an extra touch of sparkle and a bit of extra color even when there is no sun. Beautiful either way! Vintage Style Ball (8550) is Retired by Swarovski. Get yours while supplies last! Sorry, Clear is Sold Out, only AB available. Do the larger facets make superior Rainbows? You Decide!  Genuine Swarovski Strass
$38.00 $28.99 On Sale!
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Beautiful Crystal Comet in Colors! Blue on Left, Green on Right! Click to See More!
Comet 76mm, 76 AB or Colors! A Great Crystal Prism. Available in Clear, Clear with Gleaming Golden AB, or Wonderful Colors! Long, straight, and exquisitely plain, but definitely not dull. Light shoots out of the bottom, thus the name. A great shape and fabulous shine, even in the low light of a cloudy day. GREAT RAINBOWS! In fact, INCREDIBLE RAINBOWS! Mingle a Comet with your hanging plants! Add a Ball for a planet, and some Stars! Size is 76mm, 3 inches long. A wonderful crystal. BEAUTIFUL in Colors! Select Clear Crystal, Clear Touched with Golden AB, Sapphire Blue, Antique Green (Beautiful Blue-Green), or Lovely Rose Pink!  Swarovski
$27.00 $23.99 On Sale!
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Pear ~ 76mm, 63mm, or 50mm Pear Crystal! The Pear is uncomplicated and a great beauty. One of the absolute best. Something that should be in your collection! It looks like there is a star inside of the crystal. Large, smooth facets. Tap it and watch it twirl for you! Another RAINBOW CHAMPION, this crystal shines, sparkles and makes great rainbows. The Pear 76mm is a full three inches in length, hefty, gorgeous full lead crystal, and packed with Rainbow Making Power! A beauty! We love large crystals! They are so wonderful! Nothing compares to the rainbows from the big prisms. Large crystals are difficult to find, so order one for yourself today! The 63mm size is a bit smaller, about 2.5 inches. This is another fabulous Large Crystal! Next is the Generous Sized 50mm, about two inches. Perfect for a gift, not too big, not too small, lots of Rainbows! The bigger the crystal, the bigger the rainbows! You MUST have one of these for your collection!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $45.00 $39.99 On Sale!
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Crystal Ball from Swarovski.
Ball 50mm or 60mm CLEAR or AB Ball 50mm: Gorgeous huge crystal ball, heavy, smooth, shining and shimmering, lots of beautiful bright facets. A full two inches in diameter. It may not sound like much, but for a crystal that's very dramatic. If you want a gift that will be sure to impress, yet is still affordable, this could be it! This crystal ball will make LOADS of rainbows!

Ball 50mm AB: Big, round, beautiful, just like the Ball 50mm in clear crystal. Add a touch of 24K Gold to a few facets, and you have a very special sparkling effect on a gorgeous crystal ball. Absolutely wonderful!

Ball 60: Magnificent Crystal Ball, almost 2.5 inches!! Amazing Rainbows! Absolutely incredible beauty. This makes a very special gift or a wonderful addition to your collection of crystal prisms. This is the size of a tangerine, apple, or orange. Sparkling and gorgeous. Treat yourself! You're worth it! Or choose it as a really amazing gift!   Genuine Swarovski Strass Elements
$75.00 $65.99 On Sale!
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Sparkling Crystal Swirl Ball With a Hanger of Rainbow Beads
Ball- Swirl Ball 40mm CLEAR with Rainbow Beads NEW!  Enjoy a Rainbow of Beads!
Swarovski Crystal Beads in Rainbow Colors Added to Beautiful Crystal Swirl Ball with facets in a swirled pattern. Large 40mm Size, 1.5 inches. Clear all through. A truly lovely variation on the theme of the sphere. A beauty to behold. Ever so slightly teardrop shaped, and facets arranged in a wavy swirling pattern rather than by strict straight line geometry. Gorgeous and VERY POPULAR! Great rainbows! Improve your Ch’i (vital energy) the Swirl Ball and the Ball are great for Feng Shui!   Swarovski Spectra
$40.00 $29.99 On Sale!

Almond ~ 63mm, 50mm, or 38mm The always great Almond Rainbow maker! A quilted look, or like a pineapple. Flattened shape, oval with a point at top, with BRILLIANT shining diamond shaped facets. The almond makes stunning rainbows, and is a gorgeous sparkler! This fine crystal is a MUST for your collection! LARGER MAKES BETTER RAINBOWS! Three Sizes! Try the Wonderful Large 63mm size, nice and Big and Sparkly! The Medium 50mm size is not too big and not too small. Enjoy this fine crystal in a Smaller 38mm Size, Clear or AB! Great companion for the two larger sizes! Add a Rainbow of Crystal Beads for even more Rainbow Fun!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $35.00 $29.99 On Sale!
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Bell Crystal. Beautiful and Interesting!
Bell ~ 50mm, 40mm, or 30mm Bell Crystal~ Beautiful and Interesting! The facets on this crystal love to make colors, as you can see in the photo! A chunky prism, packed with rugged rainbows. POPULAR! Three Fabulous Sizes! The Bell is not flat, but round as if it had been cut from a ball. Look at it from underneath, to see a fun pattern! Unique shape! The wonderful 50mm Size is a full two inches, with beautiful large, clear facets. VERY SHINY AND PRETTY. The great 40mm Size is about 1.5 inches long, and hefty and round. Lovely to look at! Bright and beautiful even in low light. The 30mm Size is a charming little thing, a VERY pretty little twinkler. Oddly shaped, beautifully faceted and shiny. About 1 1/8 inches, and round and chubby like a crystal ball. A clearly different, unusual shape to add variety to your collection. The Bell is a great, very lovely crystal. Display all three sizes together for a fun and interesting effect! Amazing how different they look in each size. ALL sizes are interesting and gorgeous! Try one today!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $35.00 $28.99 On Sale!
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Ball 100mm Clear The Wizard's Secret ~ The 100mm Crystal Ball! Here's an item you are guaranteed not to find just anywhere! The 100mm Ball. Sounds innocent enough, right? Here is some perspective for you. This one is the size of a blown glass ornament. Not a small ornament, not a medium one, but one of those really quite large ones! Four inches across. Find something in your house and measure it. Something round. Like a softball. A mug of coffee. A tub of margarine. A grapefruit. You will start to get the idea. This crystal ball is IMMENSE and MAGNIFICENT! Just think of the incredible facets! Imagine the pure bulk of this beautiful creation! One hundred millimeters of dazzling pure lead crystal. A solid sphere. (Any guesses on the weight?) Really, you must have one of these to complete your collection. Very rare! And with a crystal ball like this, you should be able to predict the future!! Now don't be hanging this one on a cup hook!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $579.00
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Swarovski Crystal Ball 70mm!
Ball 70mm CLEAR Big 70mm Crystal Ball in the New Sparkly Style With Extra Facets!
That big crystal on your right is a 70mm Crystal Ball! Makes a great earring. Well, maybe not, it's very heavy! THIS CRYSTAL IS HUGE and GORGEOUS!! It is 2.75 inches across. Beautiful shining facets. It can fill an entire LARGE room with Rainbows all by itself! The crystal is perfectly clear and colorless. It looks red because the color from the maroon blouse pictured is reflecting into it. Splurge on this crystal, or give it to someone very special as a gift! The crystal on your left is a SwirlBall 40mm. You can compare the sizes. A 40mm crystal is over 1.5 inches, a good size, too! Note the different facet patterns of the Ball and the SwirlBall. This 70mm crystal is rare and wonderful and something you must have! GREAT RAINBOWS!   Genuine Swarovski Strass Elements 8558
$170.00 $149.99 On Sale!

Sundrop 60mm, 50mm OR 40mm
$65.00 $59.99 On Sale!
Please See Our Wonderful SunDancer 60mm Crystal!
This is the CHAMPION of rainbow makers. You'll find rainbows dancing far away from the crystal! A gentle nudge will send colors flying! The clean simple lines and brilliant flashing facets make this a beauty in any light. This is a whopper of a crystal~ 60mm (2 3/8 inches) and it makes huge rainbows to match! We love it so much, it's our namesake! News: This wonderful crystal is Retired and no longer being made by Swarovski. JUST A FEW LEFT! Get yours while supplies last! And make sure to Treasure It!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
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