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A Hanging String Or A Crystal Bead Hanger Is Attached to All Crystal Prism Ornaments
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Sundrop Crystal Has Swarovski Austrian Crystal Prisms. Hanging Prisms Make Riots of Rainbows! Big Crystals for Big Rainbows


~ Hang It!  How to Hang Your Crystal Ornament Treasures ~

~ Crystal Prisms are Designed to Hang in Sunny Windows! ~

Your crystals will arrive READY TO HANG!  Sundrop Crystal attaches a Hanging String or a Crystal Beaded Hanger to the Crystals You Select. Swarovski drills a hole through the crystals, but does not provide a hanger. When You Receive Your Crystals, Simply Hang Them Up And Enjoy!


~ Almond Crystal With Hanging String ~

Hanging String!  Sundrop Crystal attaches a Hanging String or a Crystal Beaded Hanger to the Crystals You Select. Shown above is an Almond Crystal with a Hanging String. A metal loop or bail clasp is attached to the crystal. Then a colorless nylon filament string (fishing line) is attached to the metal loop. The line is crimped in place, and tied with an overhand knot at the top. It is coiled for shipping, and held with a pretty metallic twist tie. Finished length is approximately 18 inches. Ready To Hang Immediately Upon Arrival!



~ Marquise Crystal With Crystal Beaded Hanger ~

Beaded Hanger!  Sundrop Crystal attaches a Hanging String or a Crystal Beaded Hanger to the Crystals You Select. Shown above is a Marquise Crystal with a Beaded Hanger. A metal loop or bail clasp is attached to the crystal. Then a thin wire is attached to the metal loop. The wire is crimped in place. Beads are added and secured. Top is finished with a loop in the wire large enough to pass the crystal through. Easy to simply loop over a curtain rod or hang any way you wish. Wire is coiled for shipping, and held with a pretty metallic twist tie. Finished length is approximately 12 to 15 inches. Ready To Hang Immediately Upon Arrival!



Sundrop Crystal Gifts. Fine Swarovski Crystal Prisms
Beautiful Rainbow Crystal Beads
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Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Prisms!
Hang crystals as close to window glass as possible while still allowing the crystals to move freely.
Use varied heights and spacing for interest and to keep crystals from touching each other as they move.

When handling crystals, please be careful that they DO NOT touch. If crystals touch they may chip each other.
We do NOT suggest using Suction Cups to hang crystals. Crystal breakage may occur if the cups let go and fall.
If you hang crystal prisms from a tension rod, make sure the rod is tied up securely, or locked if new style.

Enjoy Beautiful Hanging Crystals!!
Fill Your Life With Rainbows!

Sundrop Crystal Gifts. Fine Swarovski Crystal Hanging Prism Ornaments


Rose Blossom


Greetings! ~ Here Are Some Ideas For You!
How To Hang Your Crystal Prism Ornaments!
DECORATING ~ Our carefully created prisms and decorative shapes are designed to collect, reflect, and refract light. In bright sunshine, they will produce rainbows! In any light, they will shimmer and flash with a sparkling beauty. Decorate your windows, your glass doors, and your skylights. Combine crystals with hanging plants. Delight everyone in your home with rainbows dancing in your rooms. Crystals can enhance even a shaded or northern exposure window. Crystal is beautiful in low light as well as in bright sunshine. Crystals will even make rainbows, or moonbows, in the light of a full moon! Enjoy Crystal Ornaments Everywhere!

HANGING ~ Hang crystals as close to window glass as possible to get the most sun, while still allowing the crystals to move freely. Do not allow crystals to touch each other or the window. They are delicate and can be chipped. We DO NOT recommend using suction cups to hang crystals by sticking them to a window. The suction cups WILL let go and fall down, and the crystals will break. In addition, the crystals will not be able to move if they are up against the window glass. It is fun to have the crystals SLIGHTLY away from the window so that a light breeze will move them. When they move, the sparkles and rainbows move, too! Hang from a curtain rod, small nails in the top of the window frame, hooks in the window frame or ceiling, etc. If you use a Tension Rod, make sure to tie safety lines on both ends of it. Tension Rods like to let go and fall down and break your crystals! Tie them up just in case! Some fishing line tied to the rod and attached to a nail above the window will be invisible and will save your crystals and keep you happy!

DISPLAYING ~ Placing a group of crystals in a window can be very easy. Hang your crystals as close to the window as possible, so they will gather the most light. But, hang your crystals far enough AWAY from the window so that they can completely turn around. Their movement adds greatly to their beauty! Find a way to hang an extra curtain rod for your crystals. Use a tension rod (tie it with safety lines) in the window frame, or hang an attractive rod from hooks in the ceiling. You can create a beautiful arrangement by varying the heights and spacing of your crystals along the length of the rod. Another quick and easy idea is to use pushpins in the top of the window casing, out of sight. Use your imagination!

IDEA ~ Large crystals make large rainbows! And, to fill in spaces between large crystals, choose smaller sizes also to add sparkling interest and a reason to go to the window for a close up look! Small crystals add contrast and beauty to a collection. A mixture will provide variety - And the view will never lose its fascination!

CLEANING ~ Don't worry, keeping crystals clean is very simple! Just give them a quick bath occasionally. Fill a large coffee mug with warm (not hot) soapy water, and another mug with warm rinse water. Take your two mugs and a small cloth towel to your crystals. Hold the mug of soapy water up under one crystal, and soak for a few seconds. Rinse in the clear water. Massage dry with the cloth to restore the original shine! Repeat for each crystal in turn. No tangles, no hassle. You can clean a dozen or two in just a few minutes!

BEST RAINBOWS ~ Which crystals are the best at making rainbows? Is clear better than ab or a color? Is round the best shape for rainbows? Does AB help or harm the rainbows? What about Gem Colored Crystals?
Large Clear Colorless Crystals are Best for Making Rainbows. Several shapes are excellent at it, such as Fancy Pear, Almond, and More. The Ball may make the most rainbows per crystal. The Comet makes fantastic large rainbows. AB or ab (for aurora borealis) is a 24K gold coating fused to the crystal and is useful for low light such as cloudy days or windows with no direct sun. It adds subtle iridescent color and shine to the crystals. In some lights it looks just like pure gold. Some people love the sparkly AB. Some prefer their crystals Clear and enjoy the shine, sparkle, and vivid pure deep colored rainbows. The AB is translucent but not invisible. The AB somewhat affects the colors of the rainbows. Some crystals are completely coated on one side with AB. The Crystal Ball with AB is coated on just a few facets so it has less effect on the rainbow colors. The Gem Color crystals absorb some of the light at varying wavelengths (that’s your science info) and the rainbows are slightly diminished, especially with the darkest colors.
All of our Crystals make Rainbows!  ~  Some are a little Better at it than Others!
For the Biggest, Brightest Rainbows to Knock Your Socks Off, Many Crystal Prisms Will Do the Job!
Please Keep in Mind, LARGER Crystals Make Better Rainbows! ~ Bigger Crystals make Bigger Rainbows! ~

~ Start Your Collection Today! ~

Enjoy Beautiful Hanging Crystal Ornaments!!
Fill Your Life With Rainbows!
Rose Blooming Sundrop Crystal Gifts. Fine Swarovski Crystal Hanging Prism OrnamentsRose Blooming

~ Spectacular Hanging Crystals! ~

Beautiful Shining Crystal Ball, Matrix, and Bell
Crystal Ball
With Crystal Matrix and Crystal Bell
Beautiful Shining Crystal Ball, Almond, and Marquise
Crystal Ball
With Crystal Almond and Crystal Marquise
Beautifiul Shining Crystal Ball, Fancy Pear, and Sundrop Octagon (See SunDancer)
Crystal Ball
With Fancy Pear and Sundrop Octagon

- Crystal Sizes and Helpful Hints - - All About Crystal Bead Hangers -

Crystal Prisms Do Amazing Things With Light!
This gorgeous crystal is making a bright flash of Light ~
Just by being in the Sun!

Crystals make gay colorful rainbows that flash all around them. Crystals are shiny & shimmery and very beautiful. You must enjoy these crystals for yourself to understand the pleasure and entertainment they provide! Crystals can create high drama in sunlight! Sunlight is refracted, causing the bright colors of the rainbow to become visible! Brilliant flashes of light, as seen in this photo, and beautiful colored Rainbows, are produced by the crystals! They Light up Your Home and Your Life!
(Crystal shown is Sunburst with ab)

Fill your life with Rainbows!!!
Brilliantly Flashing Crystal

Daylily Prairie Charm

Beautiful Sparkly Decoration
Decorate your windows with Beautiful Crystal!
Fill your Life with
~ •  A Touching Gift Idea  • ~
Buy an identical pair of crystals. Give one to a friend, and keep one for yourself. These will be a special reminder to you both of each other! You may catch your special crystal winking at you, perhaps when your friend is thinking of you!

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