Sundrop Crystal Has Swarovski Austrian Crystal Prisms. Hanging Prisms Make Riots of Rainbows! Big Crystals for Big Rainbows


~ The Very Best Rainbow Makers ~

All of our Crystals make Rainbows!  ~  Some are a little Better at it than Others!
For the Biggest, Brightest Rainbows to Knock Your Socks Off, These Crystal Prisms Will Do the Job!
Please Keep in Mind, LARGER Crystals Make Better Rainbows!

•  Clear Crystals are Best for Making Rainbows  •

~ Bigger Crystals make Bigger Rainbows! ~


On Sale!SunDancer60mm, 50mm, 40mm, or 28mm
60mm, 50mm, 40mm, or 28mm
Sun Dancer- Octagon Prism! This crystal is very sparkly and very beautiful. Lovely flowery facet pattern. Great Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
On Sale!Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Ball
Ball 30mm
The Great Crystal Ball- Colorless Clear Wonderful Magical Crystal, Through and Through! Extremely Popular! Perfect for Any Reason or Occasion! Makes incredible Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
On Sale!Comet 76mm
Comet 76mm
Comet- A Great Crystal Prism. Fabulous Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
On Sale!The Pear- Simplicity in Crystal
76mm, 63mm, 50mm, 38mm, 28mm
Pear Crystal! The Pear is uncomplicated and a great beauty. One of the absolute best!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
On Sale!Ball- Swirl Ball 40mm CLEARWith Rainbow Beads
Ball- Swirl Ball 40mm CLEAR
With Rainbow Beads
Enjoy a Rainbow of Beads!
Swarovski Crystal Beads in Rainbow Colors Added to Beautiful Crystal Swirl Ball with Facets in a Swirled Pattern.  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
On Sale!Almond 63mm, 50mm, or 38mm
63mm, 50mm, or 38mm
Almond- The always great Almond Rainbow maker! A quilted look, or like a pineapple. Flattened shape, oval with a point at top, with BRILLIANT shining diamond shaped facets. Great Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
On Sale!Fascinating Bell Crystal
50mm, 40mm, or 30mm
Bell Crystal! Beautiful and Interesting! A lovely chunky prism, packed with rugged rainbows. POPULAR! Three Fabulous Sizes!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
On Sale!Fancy Pear Crystal
Fancy Pear
76mm, 63mm, 50mm, 38mm, 28mm
Fancy Pear- Possibly the most beautiful crystal of all. Swarovski must agree, because they have made it in Every Size and Many Colors! The Large Fancy Pear 76mm is Truly a Beautiful Sparkly Treasure, and it Makes Plenty of Rainbows! Remember to add Beads! Enjoy!!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
On Sale!Sundrop 28mm~ Clear, Pink, Or  Blue
Sundrop 28mm~ Clear, Pink, Or Blue
The Littlest Sundrop is a chunky sparkly crystal that makes Great Rainbows! At 28mm this crystal is a good sized 1.25 inches with big shining facets! This little treat is available in Clear Crystal, Delicate Rose Pink, or Lovely Medium Sapphire Blue! Gorgeous! News: This wonderful crystal is Retired and no longer being made by Swarovski. Get yours while supplies last! Add Beautiful Crystal Beads for a Truly Special Treasure! Enjoy!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
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Crystals and Wind Chimes
Make Me Feel Great All Over!
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Which crystals are the best at making rainbows?  •  Is clear better than ab or a color?
Is round the best shape for rainbows? • Does AB help or harm the rainbows? • What about Gem Color Crystals?

•  Large Clear Colorless Crystals are Best for Making Rainbows  •
Several shapes are excellent at it. The Ball may make the most per crystal. The Comet makes fantastic large rainbows. AB or ab (for aurora borealis) is a 24K gold coating fused to the crystal and is useful for low light such as cloudy days or windows with no direct sun. It adds subtle color and shine to the crystals. In some lights it looks just like pure gold. Some people love the sparkly AB. Some prefer their crystals Clear and enjoy the shine, sparkle, and vivid deep colored rainbows. The AB is translucent but not invisible. The AB somewhat affects the colors of the rainbows. Some crystals are completely coated on one side with AB. The Crystal Ball with AB is coated on just a few facets so it has less effect on the rainbow colors. The Gem Color crystals absorb some of the light at varying wavelengths (that's your science info) and the rainbows are slightly diminished, especially with the darkest colors.

Sparkling Angel Sparkling Angel Sparkling Angel

Crystal Prisms Do Amazing Things With Light!
This gorgeous crystal is making a bright flash of Light ~
Just by being in the Sun!

Crystals make gay colorful rainbows that flash all around them. Crystals are shiny & shimmery and very beautiful. You must enjoy these crystals for yourself to understand the pleasure and entertainment they provide! Crystals can create high drama in sunlight! Sunlight is refracted, causing the bright colors of the rainbow to become visible! Brilliant flashes of light, as seen in this photo, and beautiful colored Rainbows, are produced by the crystals! They Light up Your Home and Your Life!
(Crystal shown is Sunburst with ab)

Fill your life with Rainbows!!!
Brilliantly Flashing Crystal

Daylily Prairie Charm

Beautiful Sparkly Decoration
Decorate your windows with Beautiful Crystal!
Fill your Life with
~ •  A Touching Gift Idea  • ~
Buy an identical pair of crystals. Give one to a friend, and keep one for yourself. These will be a special reminder to you both of each other! You may catch your special crystal winking at you, perhaps when your friend is thinking of you!

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Enjoy Beautiful Crystal and Rainbows!

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