Sundrop Crystal Has Swarovski Crystal Prisms. Hanging Window Crystals Make Riots of Rainbows!

~ Wonderful Crystal Collections ~
Great Crystal Combinations - Chosen For you!

Wonderful Pre-Selected Crystal Collections! Wonderful Pre-Selected Crystal Collections! Wonderful Pre-Selected Crystal Collections! Wonderful Pre-Selected Crystal Collections! Wonderful Pre-Selected Crystal Collections! Wonderful Pre-Selected Crystal Collections!

~ Wonderful Crystal Collections! ~

Dancing Rainbow

~ Crystal Lovers' Collections ~
We have so many crystals that we can’t help but notice which ones look really great together!
Here are some suggestions!

Crystal StudentCrystal Starter Sets   
Don't know where to begin if you've never had crystals? We have "STARTER SETS" for you! We've done all the work for you! Great crystals that look wonderful together. Pleasing sizes, shapes, and patterns that blend beautifully together. Start with one set, and add more sets to it Without Duplicating Pieces!
Wonderful Gift Idea! ~ Get acquainted with the Wide World of Crystals!
Start Your Own Tradition!
A Set of Beautiful Crystals for Each Occasion! ~ Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays, Weddings, Graduations!
A wonderful Gift that will Last Forever and keep providing Joyful Rainbows!
BOXES ~ Collections are Boxed as a SET.  If you order a collection and also order other crystals, and DO NOT need the collection boxed separately (maybe it is all for yourself)  Please Tell Us. Thank You!

~ Become a Crystal Lover Today! ~
If you’re not one already, Try some Crystals, and You Will Be!

Beautiful Rainbow-Making Crystal Starter Collection Number One!
Collection Set #01 Bell, Fancy Pear, Sundrop
SunDancer substituted for sold-out Sundrop.
A wonderful rainbow-filled Starter Set of Crystals! Perfect as your First Crystals, or a Wonderful Gift! The shapes and angles complement each other for an ever-fascinating arrangement! Three great crystals! Sundrop 40mm, Fancy Pear 50mm, and Bell 40mm. Gorgeous shapes, loads of sparkle, generous sizes, and tons of Rainbows! Sundrop is RETIRED. While Supplies Last!   Genuine Swarovski Crystal  About Boxed Sets
Gorgeous Crystals in Crystal Collection Number Two! Big Generous Sizes! Rainbows!
Collection Set #02 SunDancer, Pear, SunDisc
Another great Rainbow-filled set of Crystals! Add these to Set #01 for More Crystal Fun! Three Wonderful Crystals! SunDancer 40mm, Pear 50mm, and SunDisc 40mm. Interesting shapes, lots of sparkle, generous sizes, and loads of Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal  About Boxed Sets
Beautiful Crystals in Crystal Collection Number Three! Lovely Shapes! Great Rainbows!
Collection Set #03 Ball, Almond, Marquise
Some of Swarovski's Best Crystals! Great Rainbows! Three Beautiful Sparkling Crystals! Ball 30mm, Almond 50mm, and Marquise 50mm. Contrasting shapes, plenty of sparkle, generous sizes, and tons of Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal  About Boxed Sets
Crisp Dangling Angles and Curves with Squares! Wow! Georgeous Comet, Flame, and Matrix in Collection Four!
Collection Set #04 Comet, Flame, Matrix
Crisp Dangling Angles and Curves with Squares! Wow! Georgeous Comet, Flame, and Matrix in Collection Four! Sharply contrasting shapes! An oval crystal with square facets, the all-smooth angular comet, and a triangular flame! Three fabulous crystals! Comet 76mm, Flame 35mm, and Matrix 50mm. Great shapes, two are NEW Swarovski designs. Plenty of sparkle, great sizes, and loads of Great Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal  About Boxed Sets
Crystal Collection with Radiant, Almond, Pear. ~All in Large Sizes!
Collection Set #05 Radiant, Almond, Pear
Jumbo Sparkly Crystals! All three crystals are a large 63mm (2.5 inches) in length. Almond 63mm, Radiant 63mm, and Pear 63mm. Lovely shapes, loads of sparkle, ample sizes, and fabulous Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal  About Boxed Sets
Crystal Collection with SwirlBall, Smooth Slice, Twist. ~All With Odd Angles!
Collection Set #06 SwirlBall, Smooth Slice, Twist
A study in slanting angles! Something a little bit different! Three fine crystals! SwirlBall 40mm, Smooth Slice 50mm, and Twist 50mm. Interesting facet patterns and shapes, great sparkle, generous sizes, and Rainbows, of course!   Genuine Swarovski Crystal (Except Slice)  About Boxed Sets
Crystal Lover's Collections - Beautiful Set Number Seven!
Collection Set #07 Little Lovely Things! Fill in the spaces between larger crystals with these! Three totally fabulous crystals! Matrix 32mm, Ball 20mm, Bell 30mm. Small but NOT tiny, all about One Inch. Wonderful shapes, great sparkle, adorable sizes, and plenty of little Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal  About Boxed Sets
Gorgeous Crystal Collection Number Eight. Fabulous Large Rainbow Making Crystals!
Collection Set #08 This might be Our Favorite Collection. Fantastic Rainbows! Big, Generous Crystals. Three Beauties! Fancy Pear 63mm, Ball 40mm, and SunDancer 50mm. Note, Photo shows sold-out Sundrop 50mm. SunDancer 50mm is in this collection now, as shown in photo for Collection 9. Great Collection, Fabulous Crystals, Wonderful Sparkle, Big Sizes, and Just Tons of Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal  About Boxed Sets
Crystal Collection Set Number Nine. Fantastic Gorgeous Crystals!
Collection Set #09 A Real Treat for the Eyes! Big, Bold, and Beautiful! Three Fabulous Crystals! Bell 50mm, SunDancer 50mm, and Flame 50mm. Octagons, Triangles, and Diamonds, Oh, My! Incredible Sparkle, Amazing Different Shapes, Big Generous Sizes, and a Load of Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal  About Boxed Sets
Learn Helpful Crystal HintsHelpful Hints!Helpful Hints About Crystal Suncatchers
Remember- Big crystals will make large rainbows! And, these are not the only Rainbow Makers! Lots of other crystals are quite good at it, too! Mix sizes and shapes for an incredible RAINBOW show!

HINTS ON SIZES: 18mm is 3/4”(tiny ~ earring size), 28mm is 1&1/8” (pendant size), and 40mm is 1.5 inches. It doesn't sound like much difference, but remember, they are also thicker and heavier in addition to being wider, and the difference in appearance is quite striking. These three sizes are all perfect for a window display. The 40mm is most dramatic, 28mm is smaller but still a good size. The 18mm is a good one if you like small crystals or have a display with large crystals that needs some contrasting little pieces.

COLORS: Crystals are colorless if listed as "mm" (millimeters). The letters "ab" stand for "Aurora Borealis", a light coating of 24K gold that gives the crystal iridescent coloring and gold brilliance. It is designed to give a crystal interest in low light, and still allow it to make rainbows in sunshine. If you like the pure beauty of crystal, get clear. If you like a visual impact in any light, and some extra color, try the crystals in "ab".
Hugs and Kisses for the Wonderful Gift!
Crystals, Mobiles and Wind Chimes
Make Me Feel Great All Over!
Hugs and Kisses for the Wonderful Gift!

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Four Arm Ornament Stand With Crystal Ornaments and Crystal Bead Hangers
* Beaded Crystal Splendor Collection * Four Arm Stand with Four Splendid Beaded Crystal Ornaments
Stunning Set!  Four Arm Ornament Stand (Silver or Gold Color) with Four Beautiful Crystal Ornaments on Gorgeous Crystal Bead Hangers! Photo shows Crystal Set with Brass (Gold) Ornament Stand. Crystals are generously sized and will make LOTS of rainbows for you! Magnificent! You won't be able to tear your gaze away! Rainbow Color Enchantment Bead Hangers are One Each: Amethyst Purple, Sapphire Blue, Brilliant Red, and Emerald Green. Hangers are custom finished for hanging beautifully on the ornament stand. Sumptuous crystals are the SunDancer 50mm, Marquise 50mm, Fancy Pear 63mm, and Matrix 50mm. All are gorgeous and will make lovely cheerful rainbows. If you prefer, all four bead hangers can be made with colorless AB beads for stunning crystal sparkle! Designed and Handmade Here at Sundrop Crystal. All Crystals and Beads are Swarovski. Order Yours Today!  Beautiful Beaded Crystal Set is Available January 15 to November 15 Only.  About Boxed Sets NEW! Now available with NO stand. Enjoy this Beautiful Set of Four Beaded Crystals Hanging in Any Window!
Please Select Color of Stand:

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations, Weddings, and Holidays are all great opportunities for giving gifts of Crystal!

~ Crystal Collections ~

Can't decide? Too much to choose from? Not sure which sizes to combine? Looking for a gift and ONE crystal is not quite enough? Try our suggested Collections!

Each collection is carefully selected to be pleasing to the eye and balanced in composition of form and size. Collect all of the Starter Sets (Collections 1 thru 12), and don't worry about duplicating a single crystal. All sets can be combined and no item is repeated! (Exception: SunDancer 40mm is in Collections One & Two, because of Swarovski discontinuing Sundrop.)

Do you have several gift occasions coming up? Give a set of crystals for each one! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduations, Weddings, and Holidays are all great opportunities for giving Gifts of Crystal!

Buy sets for Yourself! ~ Fill in your collection with other items once you’ve sampled and discovered which crystals are your Favorites! Collect every set without getting duplicate items! Pieces in each set are hand selected to look pleasing together. Adjust hanging height for your own composition!

Items suggested are selected to be Economical - Feel free to Choose Larger Crystals!
Bigger Crystals Make Bigger Rainbows!


A Gift of Crystals!Crystal Collection in Window

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