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Hummingbird ~ Comments From Our Customers ~ Hummingbird
I received my order a few days ago and want you to know how very pleased I am! Down to the shipping method! It was exciting to open! I am impressed and WILL be ordering again. Thanks - Gil L

I've just placed my second order with your store. Wanted to let you know that the bright and lively box and decorations with the crystals was a delight. Enjoy doing business with you. - Dee

Many thanks for confirming. Priority mail should be O.K. Thanks again for your wonderful, personal service. Till next time, Stay in the Rainbow Light - Mollie

I want to thank you for the quick processing and super-fast delivery of my first order of a fairy-wing style crystal. It is absolutely beautiful and I will definitely be ordering more!! I especially like the personal touch of the hand-written thank you and smiley face from Karen. Thank you again and I look forward to purchasing more crystals from you. I found out about your website through a friend. A happy and repeat customer - Laura :0)

I am thrilled with my new crystals. They are truly beautiful. The packaging was beyond anything I have ever received in the mail. It was like a unexpected birthday present. The rainbows are far more brilliant and clear when the window is clean and my fingerprints were cleaned off the crystals! Thanks again for a great product, prompt delivery, way above average packaging. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from you again or recommend you to others. Sincerly - Ed L

A Wedding Order Dear Karen, I just can't get over what fabulous service you give! Thank-you so much for keeping me updated, and for accommodating all of my requests. You have made this better than I could have imagined. I would love to provide feedback for your website if I could. I want to go down as a VERY SATISFIED customer! I can't wait to see them! I am so grateful for this special touch. Please know that you have added beautiful rainbows to this time for me! ~ Thanks again! I'll let you know when I get them! - Anne

I am a First Grade teacher who would love to give my students a little prism as an end-of-year love token. One of my thematic lessons this year was about prisms. My students were fascinated by what they could see through them and how light can make so many different things by the way the crystal is cut. I closed my lesson explaining to the children that they are very much like a prism - with many facets that when their light is used "just right", wonderful things are witnessed by those around them. Respectfully - Mrs. B

I just wanted to tell you that I received my order and am extremely pleased! Not only is the purple crystal ball absolutely beautiful, but the packaging it arrived in was very attractive! The colorful shredded paper and the pretty gold box with ribbon and stickers was just beautiful. I have never ordered anything that came packaged so attractively. It was a gloomy day out when I got my mail and the package brightened the day. Even my cat was drawn to it and tried to play with the paper and ribbon! Thank you so much for a beautiful product and I will certainly be ordering from you again. - Marlene C

hello karen, the crystals have arrived! exquisitely packed and presented too. i love your moon tissue with the colours showing through. it's a pity you don't have a feedback section or i could leave you a rave review. anyway, many thanks for your superb, friendly service, very best wishes - Caroline B

I like your website. Not only is it very attractive, it is very user friendly. I like to give the book "What Makes a Rainbow" with the crystals. Everyone seems to like it and I think it adds to the crystal mystique. - Jane S

I just had to write you to say how impressed I was with your packing of my order. I bought the 40mm Heart Prism for my great niece's first birthday, a special gift to fill a little girls room with rainbows. From the colorful labels on the package to the rainbow confetti packing and ribbons on the box you made my experience shopping at Sundrop Crystal a special one. Those extra touches put a smile on my face. I was also pleasantly surprised at the prompt delivery of my order. The jewelry box that I ordered from Amazon, that will contain the heart, is being shipped FedEx and was ordered three days before the heart and it is still not due here until tomorrow, that says a lot! I'd like to look at the heart, but I don't want to spoil your wrapping, but I'm sure with the care you gave the shipment that I don't need to look inside. You can be sure that I will be telling friends and family about Sundrop Crystal. Thank you again. I'll be back to shop soon. Sincerely - Todd H

I would like to tell you how much I LOVE Prisms!!! I was thrilled to discover your web-store. I have enjoyed rainbows for as long as I can remember. However I had a very difficlut time locating large prisms at all, not to mention at a price that was reasonable. Until I found you. I have a wrap-around front porch on my house. I hang my prisms outside along the roofline of the porch, opposite the windows. I have rainbows dancing around my rooms whenever the sun is out. It thrills me more than words can express!!!!! I did have to make sure that when the wind blows the prisms don't swing. - ellen r

What a wonderful gift! These crystals are stunningly lovely and beautiful. I can't believe how fast they arrived! Thank you so much for taking such special care with my order and for packaging them with such beauty and care. I haven't even hung any yet or opened them all and already they're making me feel good. Thanks again! - Ronnie G

Greetings! Wow! Talk about total customer satisfaction. My recent order arrived today. The items are fabulous, especially the crystal cross. Thanks very much. - Sharon L

Received the crystals yesterday. My kids wouldn't let me keep them wrapped up and had to try them out in the sunlight. They are incredible. My wife will love them! She has several already, but none anywhere close to this quality. Many thanks for the quick response. - Herm G

I just received my order of the star suncatcher and just wanted to let you know how beautiful it was. Thanks for going the extra mile with the gift wrapping. I am sure I will be doing business with you in the future. God's blessings - Cheryl M

Thought you might enjoy knowing that these crystals are gifts to my new Board of Directors. I Was elected to serve a second term as President of this newly chartered local chapter. Last year, as the first elected President, I selected a clear crystal heart (symbolic for new beginnings). This year seemed appropriate to continue the crystal "theme" and have decided on red crystal hearts for obvious reasons. Thank you very much for your extra care in wrapping the crystals in the gift boxes with ribbon, and for getting them to me so timely! Best of luck with Sundrop Crystal!! - Cheryl N

I ordered a Fancy Pear for my 3 year old granddaughter, as she loves to watch the ones in my kitchen window. Now I wish you could have seen her face when she opened up the nice box you sent the pear in. She would not put it down the whole time she was here, she even asked her mother to go home early so she could hang it in her window and watch "the sun". I wish to thank you for bringing such joy into two peoples lives, and I will never forget the look on her face, and as she was leaving she said "Thank you Grandpa and I love you!" Wow!! I have passed your info on to some friends. Again, I thank you - Neil V

We have more nice comments than we could possibly print. We hope to please YOU, too!! Thank You for Shopping at Sundrop Crystal!! Happy Rainbows! Karen

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Do you know how important
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