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Amazing Prism Lantern Candle Holder Makes Dancing Rainbows!
Create Rainbows with Any Ordinary Candle!

Romantic Prism Candle Holder Makes Dancing Rainbows! Romantic Prism Candle Holder Makes Dancing Rainbows! Romantic Prism Candle Holder Makes Dancing Rainbows! Romantic Prism Candle Holder Makes Dancing Rainbows! Romantic Prism Candle Holder Makes Dancing Rainbows!

This Wonderful and Amazing Rainbow Candle Holder is made of fine quality Heavy Crystal. It is about the size of a large drinking glass. It has shiny silver (stainless steel) edges and a separate silver color metal base. Place a candle on the base and light the candle. Insert the crystal cylinder over the candle into the base. Magic! The candle flame is magnified into dozens of rainbows! The rainbows shrink and grow and dance as the candle flame flickers! Very beautiful and mesmerizing! Especially entrancing when the room is dark! Order yours today! You will instantly be in love with this candle holder! (Tealignt Candle Included). Candle Holder is Perfect as an Outdoor Lantern! Candle is Protected from the Wind!
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Wonderful Prism Candle Lantern Makes Dancing Rainbows
Dancing Rainbows ~ Prism Lantern Candle Holder
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Romance, Relaxation, Dancing Rainbows!
Some call this the Love Candle!

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 Press Release ~ Home Inventor Discovers Success!
James Foley, Inventor of The Crystal Prism Lantern
James Foley, Inventor of
The Crystal Prism Lantern
Most everyone seems to have a great idea for an invention. The Crystal Prism Lantern has an amazing story to match an idea that has become a success. It is a textbook story which proves anybody with a good idea can convert it to a product on the marketplace able to compete with the corporate giants without much money but lots of creativity and resourcefulness. The inventor, James Foley, calls himself kind of an alchemist. "Itís like creating something from nothing. Rainbows and colors have always fascinated me. As a small child, I noticed the special effect of how sun light from a crystal prism was dispersed into a dazzling light spectrum. I thought there must be a way to create the same effect at night for candle lovers."

With little money and experience in product development, James spent many years designing and building prismatic candle lantern prototypes at home until his idea was perfected and then was granted a US Patent. The end result was The Crystal Prism Lantern. You simply place a candle inside and instantly a dozen multi-colored flames dance and swirl in all directions completely calming the senses.

Using his networking and entrepreneurial skills, James sourced a glass manufacturer to produce samples of the crystal lantern encased with a special holographic prism. He then wrote, directed, and shot a vivid TV commercial. That commercial and sample were used to get the first order to one of the largest televised shopping networks in the world - QVC.

What makes this classic inventorís success story particularly intriguing is that he was able to do it with hardly any cash by singularly performing all the creative functions from conception to marketplace. The Crystal Prism Lantern is now finding its way to homes across America by delivering the joy of color and light to people of all ages.

Prism Candle Lantern Making Rainbows in Bright Sunlight! Romantic Prism Lantern Candle Holder Makes Dancing Rainbows!