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Sparkly Swarovski Crystal Makes Rainbow Colors.

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Sundrop Crystal Has Austrian Swarovski Lead Crystal Prisms. Sunshine and Hanging Window Crystals Will Give You Riots of Rainbows~
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Sundrop Crystal Gifts Welcomes You to Our World of Swarovski Crystal Prisms and Rainbow Crystals!
Sundrop Crystal Gifts Welcomes You to The Great World of Swarovski Crystal Prisms and Rainbow Crystals!
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Crystals and Diamonds share brilliance and sparkle! It's great that crystals are so much larger & less expensive! And they make much bigger Rainbows! Beautiful light catchers!

"Diamond" may mean something similar to the brilliant Diamond jewelry stone. Or it could mean something that is Diamond shaped, with four pointed corners, a little bit out of square!

Sundrop Crystal Gift Shop has Swarovski Crystal Prisms. Find dozens of Austrian crystal prisms here for your collection. Crystals make rainbows. Hang beautiful lead crystal in your windows!

Sundrop Crystal also has candles. Candles, candle holders, wholesale candles, religious candles, wedding candles, candle lamps, votive candles, scented candles, aromatherapy, container candles, tealight candles, tapers, pillars, beeswax candles, all at low prices. Shop at Sundrop Crystal for crystal prisms and candles!

Windchimes! Gleaming wonderful windchimes from Woodstock Chimes. Lovingly created beautiful resonant musical tones.

There's More! Beautiful pewter suncatchers! Handcrafted pewter and stained glass sun catchers from Whispering Winds. And great accessories such as jewelry, brocade gift pouches, gazing balls, pyramids, and crystal chains!

Extras! Sundrop Crystal offers large crystals that are hard to find. Your purchase is always beautifully packaged. And look for great accessories such as crystal chains, mobile tops, jewelry, beaded hangers, gift pouches, gazing balls, pyramids, brass ornament hangers, handmade beaded jewelry, colored crystals, glass ornaments, and a huge selection of gifts and crystals!

One Stop Shopping! Visit the Sundrop Crystal Shops Page for gift baskets, flowers, cookies, candy, chocolate, old fashioned candy favorites, nuts, hot sauces, books, music, movies, office supplies, drugstore items, luxuries, necessities, soaps, cosmetics, pure botanical products from arbonne, Alibris bookstore, drugstore.com, and find gift ideas, household items, home decorating ideas, candles, candies, treasures, gifts!

Crystals Are Wonderful! Crystal prisms are beautiful window decorations, and perfect gifts! In sunshine they make gay colorful rainbows! Try some crystals today! You'll wonder how you ever lived without them! They have lots of Shine, Sparkle, & Rainbows!  Enjoy!


~ Crystal Prisms Make Rainbows!! ~

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Sundrop Crystal  has Swarovski Crystal Prisms, other Austrian lead crystal, Egyptian Asfour and Czech Preciosa Crystal, crystals in every shape and size and color that make Cheerful Rainbows!

Wonderful Gifts! Candles, candle making supplies, wholesale candles, discount candles, candle making instructions, votive candles, tapers, pillars, luminaries, vigil candles, religious and church candles, wedding candles, candle holders, candle dyes, candle wax, birthday candles, scented and unscented candles!

Windchimes in pewter and stained glass. Handmade in the USA suncatchers and wind chimes in shapes of cats, birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, celestial, dolphins, horse, panda, fairies, angels, roses, flowers, frogs, elephants!

Sun catchers in pewter and stained glass!

Crystal beads for crafts, beaded hangers, crystal bead ornament hangers.

Gifts for weddings, party and wedding favors, bridesmaids gifts, Valentine's day, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, mother's day, father's day, Christmas!

Look for our hand sculpted horse heads, American Saddlebred horses created by the artist to grace your decor!

Wedding cake toppers with a whole different idea! Use a beautiful decorative gold color brass ornament hanger on top of your cake with crystals and beads hanging from it!

Aromatherapy candles, container candles, ceremonial candles, jar candles, luminaria, rainbow candles!

Pyramids, gazing balls, crystal balls, crystal stars, moons, purple, red, rose, topaz, green, blue, hearts, jewelry, crystal bead jewelry.

Glass Hummingbirds, Swarovski Strass crystal, window crystals, window decorations, stained glass suncatchers, pewter suncatchers, crystal suncatchers! Find your beautiful gay colored rainbows here!

Books about crystal, glass, antiques, feng shui! Music, cookies, candy, chocolate, gift baskets, household gifts, cosmetics, facial moisturizers, gifts to pamper and delight! Musical chimes, flickering candlelight, luminary votives, shimmering crystal shapes, celestial crystals windchimes and suncatchers!

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Enjoy Sparkling Swarovski CrystalSundrop Crystal Has Austrian Swarovski Lead Crystal Prisms. Crystals Hanging in Your windows Make Splashes of Rainbows!Enjoy Sparkling Swarovski Crystal
~ New Hampshire, USA ~      ~ Fine Swarovski Crystal Prism Ornaments Since 1998 ~
Enjoy Beautiful Crystal and Rainbows!

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Gift Packaged and Ready to Hang For Your Immediate Delight!
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Sundrop Crystal Gift Shop! • Spectacular Swarovski Crystal Beads & Hanging Rainbow Prisms! Crystal Ball or Heart Gifts! Hanging Crystals Make Rainbows in Sunny Windows! Sparkling Crystal Suncatchers! Fabulous Swarovski Crystal Prisms! • We Love Rainbows!
Enjoy Sparkling Swarovski Crystal~ Welcome! ~ If you are looking for a Beautiful, Long Lasting Crystal Gift, or a Treasured Decoration for your Office or Home, you are in the Right Place!Enjoy Sparkling Swarovski Crystal
Enjoy Sparkling Swarovski CrystalEnjoy Sparkling Swarovski CrystalEnjoy Sparkling Swarovski CrystalEnjoy Sparkling Swarovski CrystalEnjoy Sparkling Swarovski CrystalEnjoy Sparkling Swarovski CrystalEnjoy Sparkling Swarovski CrystalEnjoy Sparkling Swarovski CrystalEnjoy Sparkling Swarovski Crystal
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Matrix 32mm With A Bright Rainbow of Beads TESTED AND PASSED SecurityMetrics for PCI Compliance, QSA, IDS, Penetration Testing, Forensics, and Vulnerability Assessment We Accept All Major Credit Cards! Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express! Crystal Diamonds and Crystal Drops window crystals. Beautiful lead crystal window ornaments. Genuine faceted crystal balls. Hanging prisms. We Are Approved by Square Trade as a Trusted Merchant. Crystal Swarovski and Egyptian Asfour Hanging Prisms. Beautiful Crystal Collectibles! Austrian prisms. Our Identity Checked Out By I.D. Verify! Swarovski Strass, Swarovski Spectra, and Czech Preciosa Crystal Prism Suncatchers. New age excitement! Our Internet Shopping is Secure! Wedding Gifts and Crystal Jewelry and Wedding Candles at our Crystal Shop. Swarovski Austrian Lead Crystal. Hanging Prisms. We Accept PayPal! Hanging crystals are beautiful. Enjoy Swarovski prisms as rainbow suncatchers! Enhance positive feng shui energy!
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Bell 30mm With A Brilliant Rainbow  of Beads We love rainbow crystals! We think you will, too! We have hanging window crystals from all over the world! Play with your rainbow suncatchers! Give them a gentle nudge when the sun is shining on them, and rainbows will fly all over your room and dance on your walls! Swarovski Crystal Prisms are Fabulous Wedding Gifts! Enjoy Rainbows from Crystal Suncatchers! Tell Your Friends About Sundrop Crystal! Enjoy Swarovski Crystals! Rainbow Suncatchers are Fun! Crystal Window Decorations To Fill Your Life with Rainbows! Crystals and Sparkly Crystal Bead Rainbows! Rainbows Rain or Shine!  Enjoy Yours Today! Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher Hanging Prisms Make Bright Colorful Rainbows! Decorate Your Windows with Hanging Crystals! Enjoy Rainbows from Crystal Suncatchers! Enjoy Rainbows from Crystal Suncatchers! Welcome To Our Crystal Shop! Crystal Gifts! Soarovski crystal prisms are available in shapes of crystal drops, crystal diamonds, crystal hearts, intricate new designs, and lovely faceted crystal balls. Lead Crystal Window Ornaments! Get All Your Fun and Beautiful Suncatchers and Great Gifts Here at Sundrop Crystal Gift Shop!