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Feeling Tired?
Do you feel achy, foggy, cold, generally not great, and Tired, Tired, Tired?
It could be your Thyroid.  ~  Hypothyroid.
Here are some things you may want to read.

Important Thyroid Information
A Thyroid Disorder Could Be at the Root of Other Health Issues.

Symptoms of Hypothyroid (Low Thyroid)

This Information Changed My Life.  I hope it Helps You, Too!!

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Information About the Thyroid and Hypothyroidism

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What Are The Symptoms of Hypothyroid?
Print  Hypothyroid  Symptoms

• Tiredness, Fatigue – The most profoundly striking symptom • Lack of general wellbeing and vitality •
• Depression • Hair loss • Dry skin • Psoriasis • Headaches • Poor memory • Nervousness • Muscle and joint pain •
 • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Swelling • Fluid retention (edema) around ankles, below eyes, and elsewhere •
• High blood pressure (hypertension) • Chest pain (angina) • Hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) •
• High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) • Menstrual irregularities • Infertility • PMS •
• Fibrocystic breast disease • Polycystic ovary syndrome • Weight gain • Cold hands and feet • Hoarseness •
• Reactive hypoglycemia • Urticaria (hives) • Allergic rhinitis (runny nose, hay fever) • Constipation (from slowed metabolism) •
• Hypothyroid neuropathy (burning or tingling sensations in the hands and/or feet) • Feeling cold •
• Yellowing of skin from carotene build up (conversion of carotene to vitamin A is slowed by hypothyroidism) •
• Problems with balance and equilibrium (unsteadiness or lack of coordination) •
• Delayed Achilles tendon reflex on testing • Insomnia • Chronic fatigue • Weakness •
• Stress uses up thyroid hormones and can leave you hypothyroid. •
• Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) • Brain fog • Depression and irritability • Chronic sinus infections •
• Fibromyalgia~  A study has shown that all the symptoms associated with
Fibromyalgia (FMS) could be eliminated with high doses (120 mcg.) of T3. •

Low thyroid is a common finding in chronically ill patients, especially those suffering with anxiety, depression, heart disease, and asthma. Many FMS and CFS patients suffer from low or hypothyroid function. • Several studies show that a combination of T4 and T3 or simply T3 alone may provide relief from symptoms of depression. T3 therapy may be more effective in reducing the symptoms associated with depression than SSRI antidepressants.

Metabolism is the sum of all physical and chemical changes that take place in the body. It is all the energy and material transformations that occur within living cells. Thyroid hormones control metabolism. Every cell in the body depends on having enough thyroid hormone. If the thyroid gland becomes dysfunctional, every cell in the body suffers. This is why thyroid disorders can cause so many problems.

Iodine deficiency is the most common cause of hypothyroidism worldwide. Iodine promotes normal thyroid function and contributes to the production of thyroid hormones. Iodine is absolutely crucial in maintaining optimal thyroid health. The thyroid gland is responsible for controlling weight, body temperature, heart rate, alertness, and mood. The thyroid gland is the body’s key metabolism regulator. If your thyroid is not working optimally or is underactive it results in a slowed metabolism, possibly leading to MANY problematic symptoms.

How Can Hypothyroid Be Corrected?

• There are prescription medications designed to correct hypothyroidism. •
The prescription medication generic name is levothyroxine (lee voe thy ROK seen) and is sold by the Brand Names: Synthroid, Euthyrox, Levothroid, Levoxyl, Tirosint, and Unithroid.  Search Google about levothyroxine.
• There are also several natural over the counter remedies which could be of help. •
• Often, a combination of supplements may help in alleviating this condition. You may wish to consult a nutritional therapist for personal advice. Supplements that may be helpful in alleviating symptoms are shown below. •
• View, learn about, and buy some of them here!  •  Good Health To You! •

These Are The Products That Worked For Me:
Coconut Oil Coconut OilRaw Thyroid Thyroid HelperIosol Iodine
Be sure to see information presented at Thyroid Helper Benefits regarding products such as Raw Thyroid.

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~  These Are The Products That Worked For Me:  ~
Coconut Oil     Coconut Oil     Raw Thyroid     Thyroid Helper     Liquid Iodine

     ~ My Story ~

My Story•  August 14, 2007  •  Yesterday I promised myself a walk on the beach and a wade in the ocean at about 5 PM. It was a gorgeous summer day. Then the clouds arrived, the thunder and wind began, and the rain poured down. I went anyway. I decided to wait out the passing storm with a luscious big ice cream at the beachside takeout restaurant. Mmmmm! I munched under the porch roof, watching the rain. The sun peeped forth. Would there be a rainbow? YES!! Over the ocean, each end touching the water, a perfect complete arc, just as big and bright and colorful as could be! WOW!

• This experience was a perfect representation of my current life. One day just a few weeks ago (July 6) I was speaking to someone I barely knew. She told me of her recent trials and her even more recent success. She had been tired. So tired, getting up and staying awake for an hour was a major whole day’s goal. She had stopped working full time because she could not do it. She worked only a few hours a week. Her skin was dry. Her hair was falling out in handfuls. And just tired, all the time, so profoundly tired. Her doctor said it was her thyroid. The thyroid hormones were underactive. The condition was called hypothyroid.

• She had an answer to what was wrong. The doctor offered a prescription. Instead, the young woman wanted to solve the problem naturally if she could. The doctor agreed to let her try. On the day that I saw her, this young lady was bubbling and happy, wide awake, energetic, smiling, with soft beautiful skin and lovely full hair that had grown back and was not falling out! As she spoke, I heard my own story. Tired. Dry skin. Incomprehensible exhaustion. Yes, I was working. But at home I had a real problem with the bed and the couch. We were constant companions. Stuff was going undone. And each week it became worse. Every weekend I would sleep all weekend, except for the weekends when I would sleep and cry. Even during a fabulous vacation I had looked forward to for years, I could barely stay awake. I was not going anywhere, not doing anything, just sleeping. I could sleep fourteen hours, get out of bed, go to the couch, and sleep five hours more. I felt like I was buried deep in the mattress, not just lying on the top. It was very discouraging. I could sit outside on a gorgeous day, and not see the beauty. Too tired to even care.

• The young woman shared the information and remedies she had found on the internet. By some miracle, my terrible memory managed to hold on to what she said. I went home and searched the sites she had visited. There I saw even more of my story. I took a thyroid function quiz, and scored only 50 points out of 100. Lord, what could life be like with an even lower score? I can’t even imagine how terrible it would be. Underactive Thyroid? I had no idea. I thought that was a rare thing. I look like I am in perfect health, hair, teeth and clothes cared for, weighing only about ten pounds more than I should. I was going about my daily tasks, nothing appearing to be amiss. Just tired. And in pain. But wasn't that arthritis? Terrible worsening pain. Neck, knees, fingers, wrists, even toes. Back pain. I've never had back pain until recently. Must be my age. And swelling from fluid. But doesn't everyone have that? Probably just too much salt. I felt worse than people 20 years my senior. I just didn't realize I didn’t have to feel that way. Still, I hated it, and kept asking myself, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH ME?

• I remember visiting my doctor YEARS ago complaining of how tired and sleepy I was all the time. No particular response. A long time ago a ridge appeared on a fingernail. Then another, then another. Why? Also a long time ago, I looked in the mirror and wondered, why were the outside of my eyebrows so thin? Why did the little hairs seem to fall out so easily? What about lots of other things I was noticing? Did everyone lose that much hair each time they combed it? Just a few weeks ago I visited my doctor. My blood pressure, always low, was at its highest ever. Some blood tests were done. Though my cholesterol and triglycerides were higher than they have ever been, everything was pronounced “normal”. I was merely advised to give up that third job – it was causing too much stress. Onward I trudged, becoming more depressed and exhausted with each passing week.

• That very day I ordered the items the mystery young woman mentioned to me. In my incredible stupor, I did not even realize they arrived. On July 17 I ordered something else, being unable to deal with contacting the people I thought had not sent my request. This time the order arrived and I took what was inside (raw thyroid). In mere hours I felt a flicker of energy I had not known in ages. The next day I took more. The flicker grew larger and continued to grow. In a few days, I was alert enough to realize that my original order (thyroid helper) had indeed been sent to me. It was just waiting for me to open the box. I sampled what was inside. More energy. More and more and more. After a time I ordered another product (iosol iodine) and the energy increased again!

• Soon I was able to focus on a task. I was able to feel like I COULD accomplish things that needed to be done. I could think. I could work on my website, take photos, deal with lots of details that had been waiting for my attention. Problems began to look smaller. I had the ability to think and the energy to carry out my work. I could laugh. I could socialize with my friends. The pains were gone. My eyebrows grew back and my hair stopped falling out. My skin, just days earlier so flaky the Pillsbury dough boy would laugh at me, was silky smooth and felt like there was lotion on it, though there was not. I noticed how incredible the world around me is. Birds, flowers, blue, blue sky, puffy white clouds, half a dozen kinds of bees in the garden, even the hummingbird look–alike moth, and the real hummingbird. And the rainbow over the ocean after the rain. Incredible. Just incredible.

• I feel as if there were heavy window shades in my brain that have been opened. They have been raised to their highest position. Energy and sunlight are streaming in through the sparkling windows. The darkness and fog that shrouded my mind and spirit have been lifted. It is the most amazing feeling. All in less than one short month.

• If you’re feeling exhausted, please heed my story. Take the quiz. Get checked out. (Your TSH and other thyroid lab test results may be “normal” and you could still have a problem. The tests are imperfect.) I have suffered with this for years, with no idea what was wrong or that there was a solution. I knew of someone many years ago who nearly died in his bed, unable to get up or do anything at all. The doctors had no idea what was wrong with him. A chance conversation a friend of his had with someone saved his life. “It’s his thyroid”, the friend of a friend said. This bedridden young man was up and around in just hours. I had forgotten his story until now, and I never applied it to myself. It happened to me so gradually, I hardly noticed. How odd, but I just did not know!

• I am amazed and grateful for this miraculous rebirth in my life. Surely that young woman was an angel, bringing her story and solution of her problem to me. I also am angry that this has been a problem in my life for so many, many years, and currently had gotten so very much worse. Where might I be? I was feeling very hopeless. I believe this is a family condition. My mother always said she was “born tired”. She was the picture of depression and exhaustion all the years that I knew her. Perhaps her life could have been much better with just a little thyroid help.
• I wish you beauty, sunshine, rainbows, and fantastic energetic health!
Happy HummingbirdKeep Looking UP!

Keep Looking Up!


~ K         

These Are The Products That Worked For Me:
Coconut Oil     Coconut Oil     Raw Thyroid     Thyroid Helper     Iosol Iodine

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