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Beautiful Classic Bell Crystal
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50mm, 40mm, or 30mm

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Bell~ Please Select:
Bell Crystal! Beautiful and Interesting! A lovely chunky prism, packed with rugged rainbows. POPULAR! Three Fabulous Sizes!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal

~ Bell Crystal - Three Beautiful Sizes ~

Bell Crystal ~ Three Sizes!  Bell Crystal~ Beautiful and Interesting! The facets on this crystal love to make colors, as you can see in the photo! A chunky prism, packed with rugged rainbows. POPULAR! Three Fabulous Sizes! The Bell is not flat, but round as if it had been cut from a ball. Look at it from underneath, to see a fun pattern! Unique shape! The wonderful 50mm Size is a full two inches, with beautiful large, clear facets. VERY SHINY AND PRETTY. The great 40mm Size is about 1.5 inches long, and hefty and round. Lovely to look at! Bright and beautiful even in low light. The 30mm Size is a charming little thing, a VERY pretty little twinkler. Oddly shaped, beautifully faceted and shiny. About 1 1/8 inches, and round and chubby like a crystal ball. A clearly different, unusual shape to add variety to your collection. The Bell is a great, very lovely crystal. Buy all three sizes and hang them together! They all look beautiful and are very interesting as a group. Display all three sizes together for a fun and interesting effect! Amazing how different they look in each size. ALL sizes are interesting and gorgeous! Try one today!

Bell Crystal AB!   The gorgeous Crystal Bell with a touch of lovely AB added for you AB fans out there! Choose the Big 50mm (2 inches) Gorgeous Crystal Bell or the slightly smaller Nice Hefty 40mm (1.5 inches) size. Just a little bit of AB on a few of the facets to add that special sparkle and glow for the AB lovers! Very Pretty! Enjoy! Get Yours While Supplies Last!


Swarovski Bell Crystal Swarovski Bell Crystal Swarovski Bell Crystal Swarovski Bell Crystal

~ Bell Crystal! ~
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~ Bell Crystal ~

Very Round, Lots of Facets, Diamond Shaped Profile. Three Wonderful Sizes!
A Great Sparkler!

~ Spectacular Hanging Crystals! ~

Beautiful Crystal Bell with Crystal Matrix and Crystal Balll! All Lovely Crystals and Fantastic Grouped Together!Crystal Bell with Crystal Flame and Crystal SunDancer! Fabulous Big Crystals For Amazing Sparkle and Rainbows!Crystal Bell with Crystal Sundrop and Crystal Fancy Pear. Sparkling in the Sun!
Crystal Bell with Crystal Ball & Crystal Matrix, with Crystal Flame & Crystal SunDancer, and with Crystal SunDrop & Crystal Fancy Pear
Bell Crystal has an Interesting and Unique Shape!  Sometimes also called Dredl.

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