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Sundrop~ Our Namesake!Read All About It!Sorry- SOLD OUT

Sundrop~ Our Namesake!
Read All About It!

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SunDancer Crystal

~Sundrop Crystal - Our Namesake! ~

Sundrop Crystal!  Our First Crystal! We loved it so much we named our crystal business after it! Alas, Swarovski does not make it anymore, and we do not have any left in stock, except for the 28mm Size listed separately. We have kept the photos here so that you can see them and understand this amazing crystal. If you have one, Treasure It! And you can still purchase the 28mm Size. It is every bit as wonderful as its larger brethren! Enjoy!


Crystal Sundrop Crystal Sundrop Crystal Sundrop

SUNDROP 60mm   SORRY- SOLD OUT  ~ Please See Our Wonderful  SunDancer Crystal !

This is the CHAMPION of rainbow makers. You'll find rainbows dancing far away from the crystal! A gentle nudge will send colors flying! The clean simple lines and brilliant flashing facets make this a beauty in any light. This is a whopper of a crystal~ 60mm (2 3/8 inches) and it makes huge rainbows to match! We love it so much, it is our namesake! News: This wonderful crystal is RETIRED and no longer being manufactured by Swarovski. Sadly, we are all out of them. If you have been lucky enough to get one, TREASURE IT! It is priceless!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal

Crystal Sundrop.

This crystal is wonderful for making rainbows. Here are a number of pictures, showing how different the crystal can look in different types of lighting. The smooth beauty of the crystal and the rainbows it makes in the sun make this crystal well worth having in your collection. Also makes a wonderful, generous sized gift! Sundrop 60mm and all of the Sundrops are fabulous Rainbow makers! THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST!

Crystal Sundrop Grouping.

SUNDROP 50mm   SORRY- SOLD OUT  ~ Please See Our Wonderful  SunDancer Crystal !

Another generously sized crystal, this 50mm Sundrop is 2 full inches across. Hefty, gorgeous, and makes loads of rainbows! This is a very beautiful and simply shaped octagonal prism. Enjoy the gleam of lovely crystal and the fun of brilliant rainbows! Available in wonderful rainbow-making clear crystal. News: This wonderful crystal is RETIRED and no longer being made by Swarovski. Sorry, our supplies are gone! If you have one, make sure to Treasure It! It cannot be replaced!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal

Crystal Sundrop. Crystal Sundrop.

Here is the Sundrop "Family". Left to right, you can see the Sundrop in 60mm (2 3/8 inches) size, 50mm, 40mm, 28mm, and a U.S. Quarter for comparison. That's a 40mm Ball peeking into the picture on the left.

Crystal Sundrop Family.

Here is a line drawing of the Sundrop, showing the facet pattern. It is difficult to see the details in the photographs because the crystals reflect so much light!

Line Drawing - Sundrop

SUNDROP 40mm   SORRY- SOLD OUT  ~ Please See Our Wonderful  SunDancer Crystal !

A wonderful crystal, a good hefty size at 1.5 inches! Makes Great Rainbows just like the big ones! You might spend $10 today on a burger and fries. Get something that will last forever and make rainbows for you to enjoy! Try this rainbow-making crystal! You will be glad you did! Available in wonderful rainbow-making clear crystal, or with 24K Gold AB. News: This wonderful crystal is RETIRED and no longer being made by Swarovski. Quantities are severely limited. Get yours while supplies last! And make sure to treasure it! The Beautiful SunDancer will soon be taking over for Sundrop.  Genuine Swarovski Crystal

Sundrop Crystal

For your FIRST crystal, if you do not have any yet, a Sundrop in any size is a perfect place to start! This 40mm crystal will introduce you to the wonders of rainbows and beautiful crystal with just a tiny investment. You deserve it!

Crystal Sundrop!

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