Beautiful Crystal Comet
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Comet 76mm

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Comet- A Great Crystal Prism. Fabulous Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal

~ Comet Crystal ~ One Beautiful Size ~ Five Color Choices ~

Comet Crystal!  Comet- A Great Crystal Prism. Fabulous Rainbows! Available in Clear, Clear with Gleaming Golden AB, or Three Wonderful Colors! Long, straight, and exquisitely plain, but definitely not dull. Light shoots out of the bottom, thus the name. A great shape and fabulous shine, even in the low light of a cloudy day. GREAT RAINBOWS! In fact, INCREDIBLE RAINBOWS! Mingle a Comet with your hanging plants! Add a Ball for a planet, and some Stars! Size is 76mm, 3 inches long. A wonderful crystal. BEAUTIFUL in Colors! Select Clear Crystal, Clear Touched with Golden AB, Sapphire Blue, Antique Green (Beautiful Blue-Green), or Lovely Rose Pink! Enjoy!


Sleek and Beautiful Comet CrystalSleek and Beautiful Comet CrystalSleek and Beautiful Comet Crystal

~ The Beautiful Comet Crystal ~

Beautiful Shining Crystal Comet. At top left is an Icicle 100mm for comparison. Rainbows happen even in the picture!!
Crystal Comet With Crystal Icicle 100mm at Top Left
  Beautiful Crystal Comet in Clear, AB, and Colors! Shown Left to Right Are: AB, Clear, Rose Pink, Sapphire Blue, and Antique Green
Beautiful Comet Crystal
Clear, AB, Pink, Blue, Green
The Comet is a marvelous crystal! Interesting shape, large smooth facets, and wonderful Rainbows! Rainbows are especially wide and deeply colored. This crystal is shaped like an old-fashioned prism, and really refracts sunlight into its rainbow colored parts! This photo shows the Comet catching a stray sunbeam and making rainbows in the middle of having its picture taken!  The Beautiful Comet in Gorgeous AB and Colors! From Left: Sparkling AB, Crystal Clear, Rose Pink, Sapphire Blue, and Antique Aqua Green! They are all wonderful, a favorite is just not possible! The Comet is a great crystal! Interesting shape, smooth large facets, and wonderful Rainbows! Beautiful Colors! Rainbows are especially large, wide, and deeply colored!

~ Spectacular Hanging Crystals! ~

Crystal Comet with Crystal Flame and Crystal Matrix!
Crystal Comet
With Crystal Flame and Crystal Matrix
Photo Shows Crystal Comet (Clear) With Two Other Crystals, Flame and Matrix.
The differing shapes and facet patterns complement each other and provide great visual interest!

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