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Spiral Icicle ~ 100mm or 76mm
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Spiral Icicle ~ 100mm or 76mm

  $47.00 $42.99
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Spiral Icicle! This crystal is a delightful surprise. Sharply tapered, faceted at an entirely engaging odd angle, and hanging from the end that looks like it should be the bottom! Gorgeous! The Spiral Icicle 100mm Size is artfully shaped, exquisitely detailed, and a full four inches in length! The smaller delicate 76mm size is a full three inches in length. A brand new shape for the ever beautiful icicle! It shimmers from every angle. Experience this!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
Dahlia- Magnificent New Creation from Swarovski! Many, Many, Many Facets! Spectacular Glitter and Shine! Facets resemble the petals of a Dahlia Flower. Treat yourself! You're worth it! Or choose it as a really amazing gift!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal

~ Dahlia Crystal - Two Beautiful Sizes ~

Dahlia 50mm Size!  Magnificent New Creation from Swarovski! This is a genius design. Many, Many, Many Facets! Sparkling and gorgeous. Facets resemble the petals of a Dahlia Flower. The large 50mm Size is two full inches across. Crystal is somewhat flattened but plump and hefty. It’s a sparkling powerhouse! Treat yourself! You're worth it! Or choose it as a really amazing gift!

Dahlia 38mm Size!  The fabulous Dahlia in a smaller size, just over 1.5 inches. It is just as magnificent as the larger crystal. It does not seem small at all. Really very beautiful, and a great sparkler! This is a wonderful special gift or an excellent new addition to your crystal collection! Enjoy this!

Dahlia With Beads!  This crystal in either size absolutely loves to get dressed up! It is so beautiful and sparkly already that adding beads creates a really spectacular piece! Add a bead Rainbow, or add Colorless Sparkly AB beads. Want more beautiful colorful bead choices? Yes, we have those! Enjoy this beautiful treasure!


~ Spectacular Dahlia Crystal! ~

Dahlia Flower.

Incredibly Beautiful Swarovski Dahlia Crystal!
Crystal Facet Pattern Looks Like the Petals of a Dahlia Flower!

Beautiful Swarovski Dahlia Crystal Beautiful Swarovski Dahlia Crystal

~  Beautiful Dahlia Crystal!  ~

~ Spectacular Hanging Crystals! ~

Crystal Matrix, with Crystal Flame and Crystal Comet!
Crystal Matrix
with Crystal Flame and Crystal Comet
Beautiful Crystal Matrix with Crystal Ball and Crystal Bell! All Lovely Crystals and Fantastic Grouped Together!
Crystal Matrix
with Crystal Ball and Crystal Bell
Beautiful Matrix Crystal with Crystal Ball, and Crystal Bell!
Crystal Matrix
with Crystal Ball and Crystal Bell

- Crystal Sizes and Helpful Hints - - All About Crystal Bead Hangers -

Dahlia~ Please Select: Dahlia~ Please Select: Dahlia 50mm $35.99 Dahlia 38mm $22.99;-13 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dahlia 50mm with Rainbow beads $45.99;10 Dahlia 38mm with Rainbow beads $32.99;-4 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dahlia 50mm Simplicity AB Colorless $45.99;10 Dahlia 38mm Simplicity AB Colorless $32.99;-4 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dahlia 50mm Enchantmt AB Colorless $47.99;12 Dahlia 38mm Enchantmt AB Colorless $34.99;-1 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dahlia 50mm Simplicity Brilliant Red $46.99;11 Dahlia 50mm Simplicity Goldn Topaz $46.99;11 Dahlia 50mm Simplicity Emrld Green $46.99;11 Dahlia 50mm Simplicity Sapph Blue $46.99;11 Dahlia 50mm Simplicity Amth Purple $46.99;11 Dahlia 50mm Simplicity Rose Pink $46.99;11 Dahlia 50mm Simplicity RedWhtBlue $46.99;11 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dahlia 50mm Enchantmt Brillnt Red $47.99;12 Dahlia 50mm Enchantmt Gold Topaz $47.99;12 Dahlia 50mm Enchantmt Emrd Green $47.99;12 Dahlia 50mm Enchantmt Sapph Blue $47.99;12 Dahlia 50mm Enchantmt Amth Purple $47.99;12 Dahlia 50mm Enchantmt Purple&Blue $47.99;12 Dahlia 50mm Enchantmt Rose Pink $47.99;12 Dahlia 50mm Enchantmt RedWhtBlu $47.99;12 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dahlia 38mm Simplicity Brilliant Red $33.99;-2 Dahlia 38mm Simplicity Goldn Topaz $33.99;-2 Dahlia 38mm Simplicity Emrld Green $33.99;-2 Dahlia 38mm Simplicity Sapph Blue $33.99;-2 Dahlia 38mm Simplicity Amth Purple $33.99;-2 Dahlia 38mm Simplicity Rose Pink $33.99;-2 Dahlia 38mm Simplicity RedWhtBlue $33.99;-2 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dahlia 38mm Enchantmt Brillnt Red $34.99;-1 Dahlia 38mm Enchantmt Gold Topaz $34.99;-1 Dahlia 38mm Enchantmt Emrd Green $34.99;-1 Dahlia 38mm Enchantmt Sapph Blue $34.99;-1 Dahlia 38mm Enchantmt Amth Purple $34.99;-1 Dahlia 38mm Enchantmt Purple&Blue $34.99;-1 Dahlia 38mm Enchantmt Rose Pink $34.99;-1 Dahlia 38mm Enchantmt RedWhtBlu $34.99;-1 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Make Item For Ornament Stand + $2.99 Each;-33 Almond 63mm $29.99 Almond 50mm $19.99;-10 Almond 38mm $16.99;-13 Almond 38AB $16.99;-13 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 63mm with Rainbow beads $39.99;10 Almond 50mm with Rainbow beads $29.99 Almond 38mm with Rainbow beads $26.99;-3 Almond 38AB with Rainbow beads $26.99;-3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 63mm Simplicity AB Colorless $39.99;10 Almond 50mm Simplicity AB Colorless $29.99 Almond 38mm Simplicity AB Colorless $26.99;-3 Almond 38AB Simplicity AB Colorless $26.99;-3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 63mm Enchantmt AB Colorless $41.99;12 Almond 50mm Enchantmt AB Colorless $31.99;2 Almond 38mm Enchantmt AB Colorless $28.99;-1 Almond 38AB Enchantmt AB Colorless $28.99;-1 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 63mm Simplicity Brilliant Red $40.99;11 Almond 63mm Simplicity Goldn Topaz $40.99;11 Almond 63mm Simplicity Emrld Green $40.99;11 Almond 63mm Simplicity Sapph Blue $40.99;11 Almond 63mm Simplicity Amth Purple $40.99;11 Almond 63mm Simplicity Rose Pink $40.99;11 Almond 63mm Simplicity RedWhtBlue $40.99;11 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 63mm Enchantmt Brillnt Red $41.99;12 Almond 63mm Enchantmt Gold Topaz $41.99;12 Almond 63mm Enchantmt Emrd Green $41.99;12 Almond 63mm Enchantmt Sapph Blue $41.99;12 Almond 63mm Enchantmt Amth Purple $41.99;12 Almond 63mm Enchantmt Purple&Blue $41.99;12 Almond 63mm Enchantmt Rose Pink $41.99;12 Almond 63mm Enchantmt RedWhtBlu $41.99;12 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 50mm Simplicity Brilliant Red $30.99;1 Almond 50mm Simplicity Goldn Topaz $30.99;1 Almond 50mm Simplicity Emrld Green $30.99;1 Almond 50mm Simplicity Sapph Blue $30.99;1 Almond 50mm Simplicity Amth Purple $30.99;1 Almond 50mm Simplicity Rose Pink $30.99;1 Almond 50mm Simplicity RedWhtBlue $30.99;1 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 50mm Enchantmt Brilliant Red $31.99;2 Almond 50mm Enchantmt Goldn Topaz $31.99;2 Almond 50mm Enchantmt Emrld Green $31.99;2 Almond 50mm Enchantmt Sapph Blue $31.99;2 Almond 50mm Enchantmt Amth Purple $31.99;2 Almond 50mm Enchantmt Purple&Blue $31.99;2 Almond 50mm Enchantmt Rose Pink $31.99;2 Almond 50mm Enchantmt RedWhtBlue $31.99;2 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 38mm Simplicity Brilliant Red $27.99;-2 Almond 38mm Simplicity Goldn Topaz $27.99;-2 Almond 38mm Simplicity Emrld Green $27.99;-2 Almond 38mm Simplicity Sapph Blue $27.99;-2 Almond 38mm Simplicity Amth Purple $27.99;-2 Almond 38mm Simplicity Rose Pink $27.99;-2 Almond 38mm Simplicity RedWhtBlue $27.99;-2 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 38mm Enchantmt Brilliant Red $28.99;-1 Almond 38mm Enchantmt Goldn Topaz $28.99;-1 Almond 38mm Enchantmt Emrld Green $28.99;-1 Almond 38mm Enchantmt Sapph Blue $28.99;-1 Almond 38mm Enchantmt Amth Purple $28.99;-1 Almond 50mm Enchantmt Purple&Blue $28.99;-1 Almond 38mm Enchantmt Rose Pink $28.99;-1 Almond 38mm Enchantmt RedWhtBlue $28.99;-1 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 38AB Simplicity Brilliant Red $27.99;-2 Almond 38AB Simplicity Goldn Topaz $27.99;-2 Almond 38AB Simplicity Emrld Green $27.99;-2 Almond 38AB Simplicity Sapph Blue $27.99;-2 Almond 38AB Simplicity Amth Purple $27.99;-2 Almond 38AB Simplicity Rose Pink $27.99;-2 Almond 38AB Simplicity RedWhtBlue $$27.99;-2 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Almond 38AB Enchantmt Brilliant Red $28.99;-1 Almond 38AB Enchantmt Goldn Topaz $28.99;-1 Almond 38AB Enchantmt Emrld Green $28.99;-1 Almond 38AB Enchantmt Sapph Blue $28.99;-1 Almond 38AB Enchantmt Amth Purple $28.99;-1 Almond 38AB Enchantmt Purple&Blue $28.99;-1 Almond 38AB Enchantmt Rose Pink $28.99;-1 Almond 38AB Enchantmt RedWhtBlue $28.99;-1 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Make Item For Ornament Stand + $2.99 Each;-27.00
~ Fancy Pear - Five Beautiful Sizes ~
Fancy Pear 76mm or 63mm! Fancy Pear 76mm is a Gorgeous Crystal! There just are not enough good things to say about the Fancy Pear!! Think of a pear-shaped Diamond. One end oval, one end pointed, and just completely covered with lovely facets! A wonderful sparkler and a GREAT COLOR MAKER. Beautiful in bright OR dim light. Try one! The large 76mm size is a rare treat, huge, hefty, and waiting to make rainbows for you! This is the King of the Fancy Pear family, a full Three inches in length, with huge rainbows to match. Get one! Too big? Try the Generous 63mm Fancy Pear! Beautiful Size! Two and a half inches of Incredible Crystal! Just like a diamond, lots of facets! Loads of Big Rainbows! This is a crystal we could not find until recently, and we are glad to have it back! Don't miss this opportunity to have one for your collection! Can you add beads? Of course!

Fancy Pear 50mm Size! Great Size, Great Rainbows! About two inches, hefty, perfect for a very nice gift. Excellent combined with other crystals in your window display! Especially pretty facet pattern, a truly lovely crystal. Fancy Pear 50mm with AB is Brilliantly Golden and sparkly! This crystal has been unavailable to us for a long time, and we are incredibly pleased to finally have it! Snap one up! GORGEOUS golden flashing iridescence. Hang it in front of a mirror so it can admire itself. This is the genuine Swarovski full lead model~ Don't miss it!

Fancy Pear 38mm or 28mm! Fancy Pear 38mm Clear Crystal, AB, or COLORS! This wonderful crystal is almost 1.5 inches long, plump, and loaded with Sparkling Facets and Rainbows. A very beautiful crystal, something your Collection needs to have! Need a smaller size? The Fancy Pear 28mm may be for you. This is a sparkly little smidgen of a crystal. Undeniably tiny, about 1 1/8 inch long, but just a GORGEOUS little thing. Loaded with facets, plump and beautiful. Well, if it was a diamond we would call it HUGE! Yes, it makes Rainbows! A beautiful little work of the crystal cutter's art. Enjoy this crystal plain or with luscious Golden AB Sparkle!

Spiral Icicle Crystal Beautiful Spiral Icicle Crystal Beautiful Spiral Icicle Crystal Spiral Icicle Crystal