Sundrop Crystal Has Very Large Swarovski Crystal Prisms. These Crystal Ornament Treasures are Difficult to Find! Great Rainbows!
Huge Beautiful Crystal Creations from Swarovski!
If you're looking for high drama, this is the place to find it!
Gorgeous HUGE Crystals guaranteed to Dazzle you and Delight anyone you give them to!


Moravian Star  120mm AB
Moravian Star 120mm AB
This is truly a gorgeous creation! Spikes of beautiful crystal emanate in all directions from a gleaming crystal center. Over Four Inches across! Hang it up OR let it sit as a figurine! Fascinating, Gorgeous, Shining, and, oh, yes, there are Rainbows, too! The AB is especially interesting on this item! Just the very tips of the crystal spikes are touched with gleaming 24K Gold. This adds an amazing display of iridescent color radiating into the crystal arms! Some gold coloring also can be seen spreading down from the crystal points. Fascinating! From the creative masters at Swarovski! Very Beautiful!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
Moravian Star  120mm
Moravian Star 120mm
This is truly a gorgeous crystal creation! Spikes of beautiful crystal emanate in all directions from a gleaming crystal center. BIG - Over Four Inches Across! Hang it up OR let it stand as a figurine. Fascinating, Gorgeous, Shining, and, oh, yes, there are Rainbows, too! Have you seen one of these in anyone else's collection? Be the First! From the master crystal artists at Swarovski! Very Beautiful!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
Teh Wizard's Secret! Crystal Ball HUGE 100mm.
Ball 100mm
The Wizard's Secret ~ The 100mm Crystal Ball! Here's an item you are guaranteed not to find just anywhere! The 100mm Ball. Sounds innocent enough, right? Here is some perspective for you. This one is the size of a blown glass ornament. Not a small ornament, not a medium one, but one of those really quite large ones! Four inches across. Find something in your house and measure it. Something round. Like a softball. A mug of coffee. A tub of margarine. A grapefruit. You will start to get the idea. This crystal ball is IMMENSE and MAGNIFICENT! Just think of the incredible facets! Imagine the pure bulk of this beautiful creation! One hundred millimeters of dazzling pure lead crystal. A solid sphere. (Any guesses on the weight?) Really, you must have one of these to complete your collection. Very rare! And with a crystal ball like this, you should be able to predict the future!! Now don't be hanging this one on a cup hook!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal  [Photos Show Facet Style 8550]  
On Sale!* Beaded Crystal Splendor Collection *
* Beaded Crystal Splendor Collection *
$225.00$189.99 240 475 Four Arm Stand with Four Splendid Beaded Crystal Ornaments
Stunning Set!  Four Arm Ornament Stand (Silver or Gold Color) with Four Beautiful Crystal Ornaments on Gorgeous Crystal Bead Hangers! Photo shows Crystal Set with Brass (Gold) Ornament Stand. Crystals are generously sized and will make LOTS of rainbows for you! Magnificent! You won't be able to tear your gaze away! Rainbow Color Enchantment Bead Hangers are One Each: Amethyst Purple, Sapphire Blue, Brilliant Red, and Emerald Green. Hangers are custom finished for hanging beautifully on the ornament stand. Sumptuous crystals are the SunDancer 50mm, Marquise 50mm, Fancy Pear 63mm, and Matrix 50mm. All are gorgeous and will make lovely cheerful rainbows. If you prefer, all four bead hangers can be made with colorless AB beads for stunning crystal sparkle! Designed and Handmade Here at Sundrop Crystal. All Crystals and Beads are Swarovski. Order Yours Today!  Beautiful Beaded Crystal Set is Available January 15 to November 15 Only.  About Boxed Sets NEW! Now available with NO stand. Enjoy this Beautiful Set of Four Beaded Crystals Hanging in Any Window!


A Fabulous Real Rainbow
A Fabulous Real Rainbow!

Spectacular Daffodil PistachioFemale Ruby Throated Hummingbird in New Hampshire, USA, Enjoying Red Bee Balm Flowers! A Wonderful Nature Scene in Our Own Back Yard!
Beautiful Daffodil ‘Pistachio’  and  Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird on Bee Balm.


Beautiful Sparkly Decoration
Decorate your windows with Beautiful Crystal!
Fill your Life with Rainbows!

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