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Moravian Star  120mm

Moravian Star 120mm

This is truly a gorgeous crystal creation! Spikes of beautiful crystal emanate in all directions from a gleaming crystal center. BIG - Over Four Inches Across! Hang it up OR let it stand as a figurine. Fascinating, Gorgeous, Shining, and, oh, yes, there are Rainbows, too! Have you seen one of these in anyone else's collection? Be the First! From the master crystal artists at Swarovski! Very Beautiful!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal


Moravian Star Clear Crystal on Left, Moravian Star AB on Right.

Clear Sparkling Crystal on Left and Lovely Delicate Iridescent AB Colors on Right.

This Photo Shows Hole in Central Section of Moravian Star For the Option of Hanging the Crystal!

Moravian Star 130mm Making Rainbow Colors! Beautiful and Fascinating Clear 130mm Moravian Star.


Beautiful Sparkly Decoration
Decorate your windows with Beautiful Crystal!
Fill your Life with Rainbows!