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Collection Set #04
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Comet, Flame, Matrix
Comet, Flame, Matrix
Crisp Dangling Angles and Curves with Squares! Wow! Georgeous Comet, Flame, and Matrix! Sharply Contrasting Shapes! An oval crystal Matrix with square facets, the all-smooth long angular Comet, and a triangular Flame! Three Fabulous Crystal Prism Ornaments! Sizes Are Comet 76mm, Flame 35mm, and Matrix 50mm. Great Swarovski Designed Shapes. Plenty of Sparkle, Great Sizes, and Plentiful Great Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
Comet 76mm, Flame 35mm, Matrix 50mm
Fascinating Sparkling Shapes!
Crisp Dangling Angles and Curves with Squares! Wow!