Heart Prism 40mm Clear OR 40mm AB

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More Details - Heart Prism 40mm Clear OR 40mm AB

Crystal Prism Heart!
The traditional classic Heart Shape, in a crystal prism form that makes rainbows! Simple but beautiful pattern of facets lends sparkle to this sentimental gem! Like the Pear, this piece appears to have a star embedded within it. Beautiful in Clear Crystal. Add a coating of Aurora Borealis sparkling 24K gold for Iridescent Colors and sparkling gold luxury. A lovely item and a great Valentine or Sweetheart gift! A Crystal Heart is a wonderful way to let someone know that you care! A charming and thoughtful gift for any occasion!

Lovely Faceted Heart in Sparking Clear Crystal OR with Golden Iridescence Added!
The classic lines of the facets of the Swarovski crystal heart are shown by the line drawing.

The star that seems to be inside the crystal can be seen in these photos of a Swarovski prism heart.
The colors are from the crystal playing with light.

Swarovski has recently added a few more facets to the Crystal Heart!
Now there is more Sparkle than ever!!

Crystal Prism Heart Crystal Prism Heart
Line Drawing of Crystal Prism Heart Prism Heart Crystal AB Line Drawing of Crystal Prism Heart