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Axicon Rainbow Window Suncatcher
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Axicon Rainbow Window Suncatcher

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Axicon Rainbow Window Sun Catcher Your Axicon Rainbow Window Sun Catcher™ state-of-the-art Holographic Prism starts with laser technology and ends with pure spectral color. Hanging from a window in DIRECT SUNLIGHT, your Axicon Rainbow Window Sun Catcher will transform the sunlight light into an explosion of multiple hues. 4” Diameter, laminated glass prism mounted in a silver finished chrome frame. Comes with a vinyl rubber suction cup for easy hanging. Includes a "Rainbow on Board" Sun Catcher...Free! A Light Show for Your Home When the sun hits your Axicon Rainbow Suncatcher, pinwheels of vibrant color will fan your room, splashing walls, ceilings, and floors. Forty-eight spokes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet will dance about the room, leaving everything awash in a mesmerizing shower of rainbow color. The effect is absolutely spectacular! Our product has a 4” diameter and is made of a laminated glass prism mounted in a silver finished chrome frame. It has a vinyl rubber suction cup to make hanging your suncatcher easy. Rainbows are beautiful reflections of the light and joy in our lives, but they can be elusive too. When you want rainbows to be a regular part of your life, choose the rainbow suncatchers from Rainbow Symphony to create the biggest, brightest rainbows anywhere there is natural, ambient light in your home. Suncatcher Prisms Our suncatchers have specialty lenses with high tech Holographic Optical Elements, or HOE. Although there are many types of holograms, the prismatic lens in your rainbow suncatcher is designed specifically for producing the most beautiful rainbows possible. Where to Place Them The best windows to place your suncatcher in include your east, west, and south facing windows. While east facing windows produce amazing light in the mornings, west facing windows are perfect for the afternoon and south windows are great for all day exposure — especially in the winter when the sun is lower on the horizon. You may not want to place your suncatcher in the sunniest window possible, because it’s harder to control the ambient light of the room. With some curtains, drapes, or blinds, you can better direct the sunlight into your suncatcher. How to Use Them Each rainbow suncatcher comes with a vinyl rubber suction cup attached for easy hanging. Lightly moisten the suction cup and press it on any window. Your suncatcher can be taken down and moved around to other sunny windows at any time. Throughout the day, you’ll notice that the rainbows will change with the natural sunlight, and your suncatcher will glow even in indirect sunlight. If your prism is hung on dirty windows, near screens, or during cloudy days, it’s colors will be dimmed. To project a rainbow, your suncatcher must be in direct sunlight! * * * Everyone loves a rainbow! Have fun "Coloring Your World" with Rainbow Symphony. The Ultimate Sun Catchers!! Transforms Light Into Living Color...Just Hang'em in a Sunny Window© Rainbow Suncatchers for Windows Whether you want to add a splash of color to your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, Rainbow Symphony is happy to help! Transform light into stunning living color by hanging one of our Rainbow Suncatchers to any window. Now you can enjoy the natural beauty of a rainbow every day thanks to our selection of rainbow suncatchers for windows. The Best Rainbow Suncatchers Rain droplets act as prisms, transforming sunlight into stunning rainbows. However, you don’t have to wait for the next rainstorm to enjoy the beautiful, bright sight of a rainbow. With suncatchers for windows, you can enjoy this sight all the time. Rainbow Symphony offers high-quality suncatcher window decorations that will transform any room of your home into a brilliant spectacle. A Variety of Suncatchers Available A wide range of suncatchers is available at Rainbow Symphony to suit your personal taste or even the theme of your room, including: Hanging Suncatchers Rainbow Decals Holographic Rainbow Film Solar Rainbow Makers Place Your Order Today Are you ready to flood a living room, bedroom, or office with a shower of spectacular colors? These decorative pieces are excellent for both children and adults and are made to last. Browse the best rainbow suncatchers at Rainbow Symphony today to turn your favorite space into an even more alluring one tomorrow!
Axicon Rainbow Window Suncatcher