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A Hanging String Or A Crystal Bead Hanger Is Attached to All Crystal Prism Ornaments
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Crystal Leaf with Spring or Autumn Beads
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Leaf ~ Plain or With Beaded Hanger

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Crystal Leaf! Leaf~ Beautifully shaped, sparkly Leaf! A full 1.75 inches long, lovely generous size! A lovely shape & a pretty symbol of Nature's bounty. Makes Rainbows, too! Clear or with AB! The 24K gold "ab" coating makes this leaf look like a genuine autumn leaf! A gleaming fallen leaf, full of golden autumn beauty. Crystal Leaf is available Plain or With Beaded Hanger ~ The Lovely 45ab Leaf dressed for the seasons! Genuine Swarovski crystal beads in Autumn shades of gold, orange, and red! Or a refreshing Spring edition in several shades of light green! Both are Very Pretty! Bead Hangers are more intricate than shown in photo. Enjoy! There is also a delicate smaller 32mm (1.25 inches) size. Very small. A tiny glimmering leaf, in AB or Red, full of bright autumn beauty. The Leaf is retired by Swarovski, get yours while supplies last!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal