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~ Crystal Sparkling Necklace 15" or 16" ~
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~ Crystal Sparkling Necklace 15" or 16" ~

  $45.00 $39.99
This necklace is delicate and dainty and incredibly SPARKLY! The design will please any age! Gorgeous colorless-AB crystals in an uncluttered beautiful row! This glitters and shines like diamonds in any light! Necklace is much more beautiful than the photo shows. Length is 15 inches, a short length to fit at the base of the neck. Very lovely. Indulge! [Note: Total length including closed clasp is 15". If this is too short for you, please choose 16" length. You may also request any length desired. Add $1.50 per inch over 16".] NEW!!Select Brilliant RED sparkling beads or Lovely ROSE PINK! Same simple elegant design!   Genuine Swarovski Crystal   HANDMADE ~ Click For Info
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