~ Sunburst Earrings 18ab  ~

~ Sunburst Earrings 18ab ~

These earrings in golden 18ab are bold and beautiful! Perfect for those who like their earrings dramatic and don't mind a bit of weight. Crystals are 3/4 inch, in the great Sunburst shape, dangling from stud earring posts. Match earrings with a gorgeous Sunburst pendant! Incredible sparkle!   Genuine Swarovski Crystal   HANDMADE ~ Click For Info
This photo shows the Small Sunburst Pendant at Top. The crystal is 18mm, 3/4 inch, or about the size of a U.S. dime. Earrings are the same size. At bottom is the Large Sunburst Pendant. This is luxurious at 28mm, 1 1/8 inches, larger than a U.S. quarter. Spectacular. Both are beautiful! Small pendant has an 18 inch chain, Large has a 24 inch chain. Photo shows relative length of the pendants.