Flensted Mobile- Dinghy Regatta

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Flensted Mobile Dinghy Regatta Three Sailboats Flensted Mobile Dinghy Regatta Five Sailboats

Tiny Sailboats! Best Seller! Enjoy the Sailboat Race! The Dinghy Regatta is out for a Great Sail! This mobile, with dinghies maneuvering amongst each other, evokes the pleasures of a day at the seaside. The perfect gift for sailors of all ages. Bring the summertime inside for the winter! Have some sailing smiles all year round! Choose Three Boats or Five Boats!
Design: Christian Flensted
Size 5 Boats: 14 x 26 in (35 x 65 cm)
Size 3 Boats: 11 x 15 in (28 x 38 cm)
Material: Wood & Paper