Flensted Mobile- Hot Air Balloons

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Flensted Mobile Three Hot Air Balloons. Flensted Mobile Five Hot Air Balloons.

Hot Air Balloons! A whimsical, colorful and festive balloon-mobile inspired by Hot Air Balloons of the 18th century and modern hot air balloons of today. Two styles! Select your mobile with either Three Or Five Enchanting Balloons! Included with the mobile is a Print showing famous balloons, beginning with the first Montgolfiere from 1783 and ending with Double Eagle II from 1978.
Designed by Christian Flensted.
Size (Five Balloons): 50 x 65 cm (20 x 25 inches)
Size (Three Balloons): 45 x 38 cm (18 x 15 inches)
Material: Cardboard.