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Chimalong (Chime~Along) Musical Instrument!  Fun!

  Chimalong musical instrument   Listen to the Chimalong Being Played!  
Fabulous Chimalong Musical Instrument. Family Fun. Chimalong musical instrument for Family Fun
Chimalong Musical Instrument for Educational Family Fun Chimalong Musical Instrument to Easily Make Your Own Music!

Chimalong (Chime-Along) Musical Instrument

Long Time Best Seller!

Children Have Loved This Fun and Educational Chimalong Musical Instrument Since 1986!
Tried & True!  ~   Have Some Fun and Easily Make YOUR OWN Music!!

Multi Award Winner:  Parents Choice Classic Award Winner, Oppenheim Award Winner. Recommended for its Educational Value by John Sebastian, Marilyn Horne, Andre Watts, Peter Shickele & the late Jim Henson.

The Highly Acclaimed Chimalong can be played by Number, Color or Notes!

Tuned to C Major. Comes with an extra number 7 tube, which changes the B (for key of C) to B flat (for key of F), for greater musical flexibility.

Two Mallets & a Color Coded Songbook Included!

Colorful, Musical, and Fun! Enjoy yours today!

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.
That Includes Young at Heart Grownups!

Generously sized Chimalong is 14 X 11 X 2 inches.

A Truly Splendid Thing!