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Gorgeous Set of Four Crystals With Beaded Hangers on Lovely Ornament Stand Four Arm Ornament Stand ~ With Four Splendid Beaded Crystal Ornaments!
Stunning Set!  Four Arm Ornament Stand (Silver or Gold Color) with Four Beautiful Crystal Ornaments on Gorgeous Crystal Bead Hangers! Photo shows Crystal Set with Brass (Gold) Ornament Stand. Crystals are generously sized and will make LOTS of rainbows for you! Magnificent! You won't be able to tear your gaze away! Rainbow Color Enchantment Bead Hangers are One Each: Amethyst Purple, Sapphire Blue, Brilliant Red, and Emerald Green. Hangers are custom finished for hanging beautifully on the ornament stand. Sumptuous crystals are the SunDancer 50mm, Marquise 50mm, Fancy Pear 63mm, and Matrix 50mm. All are gorgeous and will make lovely cheerful rainbows. Designed and Handmade Here at Sundrop Crystal. All Crystals and Beads are Swarovski. Order Yours Today!