~ Beveled Heart Pendant or Earrings ~

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More Details - ~ Beveled Heart Pendant or Earrings ~

Beveled Heart Crystal Jewelry from Swarovski.

Beveled Crystal Hearts in 28ab, 18ab, and 10ab sizes, with a U.S. dime.

Make a Matched Set!

This photo shows the three sizes of the flat beveled crystal heart. The crystals are NOT blue, the light is playing tricks in the picture. The aurora borealis coating looks gold at times and shows colors at other times. It is always sparkly! The largest heart is 28mm, or 1 1/8 inches. It is flat and is beautiful and comfortable to wear. Add matching earrings for a really special look! If you like very tiny earrings, select the 10mm hearts. For earrings a bit larger but not heavy or bulky, the 18mm hearts are perfect. The U.S. dime in the picture shows you the relative sizes of the crystal hearts. Either size of earrings is perfect with the smaller pendant, also. Choose whatever combination you like!