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We do NOT suggest using Suction Cups to hang crystals. Crystal breakage may occur if the cups let go & fall.

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Sunset - Star 28mm Dark Honey Gold Topaz With Deep Gold, Orange, and Red Beads

Dainty Dangle- Sunset Star
Dark Topaz 28mm Star with Gold , Orange and Red Beads

$25.00 $21.99 On Sale!

SORRY- Temporarily Out of Stock
The Dainty Dangles are about 4 Inches in Length, not including the wire for hanging. They are delicate and dainty, not huge or heavy. Perfect for a car decoration, a small windowpane, or anywhere you wish to put them! Hand Made here at Sundrop, with Fine Workmanship designed to last! Wonderful Thoughtful Sparkly Gift!

The Star 28mm (Just Over 1 Inch) in Golden Dark Topaz is the color of Honey. This Star is a little bit darker than the Light Topaz Star, bringing thoughts of Sunset. Beads of Topaz Gold, Orange, and Red bring the evening's brilliant sky colors to mind. Enjoy this Lovely Gem!

Beautiful Sparkly Decoration
Decorate your windows with Beautiful Crystal!
Fill your Life with Rainbows!

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