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Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Ball
On Sale!

Ball 20mm

  $16.00 $11.99
Crystal Ball 20mm~ Select: 
The Great Crystal Ball- Colorless Clear Wonderful Magical Crystal, Through and Through! Extremely Popular! Perfect for Any Reason or Occasion! Makes incredible Rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal

~ The Fabulous Crystal Ball - Seven Beautiful Sizes ~

Crystal Ball 70mm Size!  Big 70mm Crystal Ball is 2.75 Inches in Size! New Sparkly Style With Extra Facets! This Crystal Ball is Huge and Gorgeous!! Beautiful Shining Facets. It can fill an entire room with Rainbows all by itself! The crystal is perfectly clear and colorless. See the photo below~ That big crystal she is holding on your right is a 70mm Crystal Ball! Makes a great earring. Well, maybe not, it’s very heavy! It looks red in the photo because the color from the maroon blouse is reflecting into it. The crystal on your left is a SwirlBall 40mm. You can compare the sizes. A 40mm crystal is over 1.5 inches, a generous size, too! Note the different facet patterns of the Ball and the SwirlBall. Splurge on this crystal, or give it to someone very special as a Wonderful Gift! This 70mm Crystal is Rare and Beautiful!

Ball 60mm Size!  Magnificent Crystal Ball, almost 2.5 Inches in Size! Amazing Rainbows! Absolutely Incredible Beauty. A truly lovely crystal ball. This makes a very special gift or a wonderful addition to your collection of crystal prisms. This is the size of a tangerine, apple, or orange. Sparkling and Gorgeous. Treat Yourself! You're Worth It! Or choose it as a really Amazing Gift!

Ball 50mm Size!  Gorgeous Large 50mm Crystal Ball, 2 Inches in Size. Beautiful, Shining and Shimmering! Lots of Beautiful Bright Facets. A full two inches in diameter. It may not sound like much, but for a Crystal, that is very dramatic. If you want a Gift that will be sure to impress, yet is still affordable, this could be it! This Crystal Ball Will Make LOADS of Rainbows! Absolutely Wonderful! Treat Yourself Today! A Fabulous Addition to Your Crystal Collection!

Ball 40mm Size!  Extremely Popular 40mm Crystal Ball is Generously Sized at Just Over 1.5 Inches. Hefty and Round and Covered with Sparkly Facets! The Ball Shimmers as it moves and Light Reflects from its Many Facets! Rainbows decorate your walls and you can see Rainbow Colors on the crystal itself. What are you waiting for? Try One! Select Clear Crystal or AB. Add a Touch of 24K Gold to a few facets, and you have a very special Sparkling effect on a Gorgeous Crystal Ball. The AB style crystal is still clear & colorless, with translucent 24K Gold coating placed on just a few of the facets. This adds an extra touch of sparkle and a bit of extra Color even when there is No Sun. Beautiful either way! Add beautiful beads for an even greater Crystal Treat! This is a generous and beautiful yet affordable Gift, or a perfect addition to your own Crystal Collection!

Ball 30mm Size!  The Very Popular 30mm Crystal Ball is 1.2 Inches in Size! It is Larger than a US Quarter, which is just under one inch. A Nice Generous Size, Beautiful Sparkling Crystal, and Brilliant Rainbows! Choose Clear or AB! Add a light touch of pure Aurora Borealis 24K Gold to just a few facets of the beautiful 30mm Crystal Ball for Extra Magic. This gives the whole crystal a bit of Iridescent Rainbow Color even when the sun doesn’t shine. A lovely Gift! Shining Crystal and Rainbows! Get One for a Friend and Get Yours Today! A truly Beautiful and Good Sized Crystal. Sweet Gift! A wonderful Plump Crystal Ball to make Rainbows for You!

Ball 20mm Size!  The Baby of the Crystal Ball Family is 20mm, 3/4 Inch in Size. It is About the Size of a Dime or a Nickel. Not too Small to make a Big Impact! An All Round Fat Adorable little Sparkling Crystal Ball! Choose Bright Clear Crystal, A Touch of AB on a Few Facets, or Your Favorite Color (Listed Separately)! Sparkly, Makes Rainbows, a Great Crystal! Enjoy One Today! For Even More Fun, Add Rainbow or Sparkling Colorless AB Beads! This Crystal is Small but it is Still Beautiful and it Looks Nice in a Collection of Varying Sized Crystals. Give a Nice Gift or Get One for Yourself!

Crystal Ball 100mm Size!  Very Large 100mm (4 Inches) Crystal Ball.  Click Here To See It.

Crystal Ball With Beads!  The crystal in almost any size absolutely loves to get dressed up! It is so beautiful and sparkly already that adding beads creates a really spectacular piece! Add a bead Rainbow, or add Colorless Sparkly AB beads. Want more beautiful colorful bead choices? Yes, we have those! Enjoy this Beautiful Treasure!

The Crystal Ball is Beautiful in All Sizes, and Makes Great Rainbows!
Ball 70mm, SwirlBall 40mm, and Two Crystal Pendants- Sunburst 28mm and 18mm
Crystal Fun!
Ball 70mm (Right), SwirlBall 40mm (Left).
Two Pendants, 28mm & 18mm.
The Crystal Ball is the Most Popular of all Crystals,
~ and With Good Reason!
A single Crystal Ball can Fill an Entire Room with RAINBOWS!

Pleasing Round Shape
Dozens of Sparkling Facets!

SIX Fabulous Sizes, From 20mm, the Size of a U.S. Nickel, To 70mm, as Big As a Large Orange.

Wonderful Crystal Prisms!
Great Fun!

Crystal Ball Family.
The Crystal Ball Family, with a U.S. Quarter (top right) & Coffee Mug for Size Comparison! Ball 70mm is at Far Left, with Mug below it. Left to Right: Ball 70mm, 20mm (Top), 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, and 50mm.

The Great Crystal Ball!
Wonderful Magical Crystal!  Makes Incredible Rainbows!  Seven Fabulous Sizes!  (Six Sizes Shown Here, Plus Ball 100mm Listed Separately!)

~ Crystal Ball Sizes ~

The Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Ball and Bell. The Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Ball.The Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Ball.
The Great Crystal Ball!  The Six Sizes of the Crystal Ball are shown here, along with the Three Sizes of Crystal Prism "Bell". There are also a Coffee Mug, Spoon, & US Quarter for Size Reference. FROM LEFT: Spoon, Big Ball 70mm, Ball 20mm (Top), Ball 60mm, 50mm, 40mm, BELL 50mm, 40mm, 30mm. Ball 30mm is at Lower Right, next to Mug. US Quarter is above it at upper right.  Beautiful Luminous Crystal Ball!  Available in SIX Fabulous Sizes! All Six pictured here, with a U.S. Quarter and a Coffee Mug for Size Comparison! The 70mm Ball is at Far Left. The Fantastic 40mm Ball is Fourth from Left, at Top Center. FROM LEFT: Ball 70mm, Ball 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, & 50mm. Note the Mug, Lower Left, & U.S. Quarter, Top Right, for Size Reference.

The Crystal Ball is the Most Popular of All Crystals, and With Good Reason!
A Single Crystal Ball can Fill an Entire Room with RAINBOWS!
Pleasing Round Shape, Dozens of Sparkling Facets.
Available in SIX Marvelous Sizes from 20mm, the Size of a U.S. Nickel, to 70mm, as Big as a Baseball or an Orange.

Wait!  Guess What!  There is a Seventh Size, the Incredible 100mm Ball !  See Separate Listing and Photos!
There is So Much Crystal packed into the Spherical Shape of the Ball that the Rainbows are just Spectacular! Clear, or with a Touch of AB Gold, or in a Beautiful Color, All of the Crystal Balls will Give You Years of Enjoyment. Pretty, Shiny, and Sparkly all the time! When the Sun Shines, the Real Fun Begins! RAINBOWS!

Crystal Ball Sizes Range from 20mm (3/4 Inch) to 70mm (almost Three Inches). All Sizes Are Wonderful! The LARGER the Crystals are, the more impressive and dramatic both they AND the Rainbows are! They will Last Forever, so Splurge and Get a Nice Big One!

Breathtaking Crystal ~ Fabulous Rainbows! Many Hours of Pleasure! The Rainbows will Pick Up Your Spirits Every Time! This Truly Round Crystal Mixes nicely with other Crystal Shapes. Enhance Ch’i (vital energy) in Feng Shui decor with these Beautiful Round Crystals.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Crystal Ball.  Simply Choose a Size and Enjoy the Sparkles and Rainbows! Gorgeous in 100% pure through & through Clear Crystal. Many Sizes are also available with 24K Gold Aurora Borealis (AB or ab) Coating. Beautiful AB Gold is not applied to the entire Ball. Only a few facets are touched with the golden iridescent coating, adding extra sparkle to the whole crystal. The AB coating helps make the crystal Colorful when there is no sun shining. The Ball AB still makes Great Rainbows in the Sun! Try One of Each, Clear and AB! See Which You Like Best. They are Very Beautiful Either Way! Remember ~ Look for the Crystal Ball in Beautiful Gem Colors, Too!

The Crystal Ball is Beautiful in All Sizes ~ And Makes Great Rainbows!


~  Beautiful  Brilliant  Crystal  Colors!  ~

Crystal Ball Sweet Rose Pink
Rose Pink
Crystal Ball Peridot Green
Peridot Green
Crystal Ball Brilliant Red
Bright Red
Crystal Ball Golden Topaz
Golden Topaz
Crystal Ball Blue Violet Purple
Blue Violet
Crystal Ball Antique Green
Antique Green
Crystal Ball Medium Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue
Crystal Ball Light Violet
Light Violet

Gorgeous Crystal Colors!  Spectacular with Sparkling Colorless AB Beads!


Three Shimmering Crystal Balls from Swarovski.Crystal Ball from Swarovski.Crystal Ball Making Sparkles in a SunbeamCrystal Ball from Swarovski.Ball 70mm and Ball 20mm by Swarovski.
Shimmery Crystal BallCrystal BallThe Beautiful Crystal Ball Sparkling in Sun! Crystal Ball. Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball.Clear Swarovski Crystal Ball. Lots of Rainbows in Sun. Crystal Ball.
Luscious Large Crystals!  ~ * ~  Happy Crystals Sparkling in the Sun!  ~ * ~  Big and Little Beautiful Crystals!


~ About the Crystal Ball Facets ~
Line Drawings of Swarovski Crystal Ball Facet Patterns

Line Drawing of Swarovski Swirl Ball Facet Pattern.
Swirl Ball Facets
Line Drawing of Swarovski Ball 8558 Facet Pattern.
Ball 8558 Facets- 8 Rows
Line Drawing of Swarovski Ball 8550 Facet Pattern.
Ball 8550 Facets- 6 Rows

Beautiful New Style Swarovski Crystal Ball Gorgeous New Style Swarovski Crystal BallFabulous New Style Swarovski Crystal Ball
Swarovski New Style Crystal BallSwarovski New Style Crystal BallSwarovski New Style Crystal Ball
Beautiful Swarovski Legacy Crystal Ball Gorgeous Swarovski New Style Crystal BallFabulous Legacy Swarovski Crystal Ball
Swarovski Legacy Crystal BallSwarovski New Style Crystal BallSwarovski Legacy Crystal Ball

Swarovski constantly changes things. They Created a NEW Style of Crystal Ball! The New Design gives the Crystal Ball More Facets. The New Style Ball has a Smoother, Rounder, and More Sparkly Appearance. This smoothness is pleasing to the eye and great for feng shui enthusiasts. The previous facet pattern created a bit of an angular appearance to the Ball. However, the Rainbows were Breathtaking. We still have a few of the old facet style crystals! Get Yours Today, While Supplies Last!


~ Spectacular Hanging Crystals! ~

Beautiful Shining Crystal Ball, Matrix, and Bell
Crystal Ball
With Crystal Matrix and Crystal Bell
Beautiful Shining Crystal Ball, Almond, and Marquise
Crystal Ball
With Crystal Almond and Crystal Marquise
Beautifiul Shining Crystal Ball, Fancy Pear, and Sundrop Octagon (See SunDancer)
Crystal Ball
With Fancy Pear and Sundrop Octagon

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