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Ball 20mm ~ COLORS
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Ball 20mm ~ COLORS

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Ball 20mm in Fabulous Colors! Exquisite multi-faceted crystal ball in beautiful shining colors! Lots to choose from! The 20mm size is small, the size of a dime or nickel, 3/4 of an inch. A fat adorable little crystal ball! Sparkly and Makes Rainbows! Lighter colors make rainbows almost as well as clear crystal. Swarovski keeps adding new colors~ Always Lovely & Exciting! Choose Your Favorite Color! Mix and Match! Enjoy! Great Birthday Gifts!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
• Sapphire Blue~ Wonderful Shimmery Medium Sapphire Blue Color!
• Peridot Green~ Gorgeous watery pale Apple or Spring Green! No bluish shades at all. Peridot Green color just like its namesake, the August Birthstone!
• Pale Rose Pink~ Scrumptious pale rosey shade of pink. Sparkly, makes rainbows, a great color!
• Brilliant Red~ Nice, deep shade of Red! Adds interest to your Crystal Collection! Patriotic? Add Clear & Blue Stars!
• Deep Purple~ Fabulous Shade of Deep Blue-Violet Purple! Combine with other Purple Crystal Shapes!
• Dark Sapphire Blue~ Great New Color! Deep Dark Cobalt Blue!
• Topaz Yellow~ Yellow golden drop of crystal! Match it with a Light Topaz Moon & a Light Topaz Star! Bright & Cheery!
• Light Violet~ Pale rosey Lavender color! Lovely!
• Antique Blue-Green~ Lovely, popular Green. Medium shade with hints of aqua blue. Great with other Blue or Green crystals!
What a great selection of colors! Some are available with AB added. On colors, AB is especially visible & wonderfully colorful! An Extra Special Touch on an already special item!! Something different! Blue Crystal Ball with AB is an especially beautiful item. Extremely Sparkly & appears Full of Light. Very Pretty! On Red & Purple, a little extra dab of iridescent color on an already bright crystal ball! Lovely! Check these out!
• Blue with AB~ Medium Sapphire Blue Crystal Ball with AB added!
• Red with AB~ Wonderful RED Crystal Ball with AB Added!
• Purple with AB~Deep Purple Crystal Ball with Ab Added!

~  Beautiful  Brilliant  Crystal  Colors!  ~

Crystal Ball Sweet Rose Pink
Rose Pink
Crystal Ball Peridot Green
Peridot Green
Crystal Ball Brilliant Red
Bright Red
Crystal Ball Golden Topaz
Golden Topaz
Crystal Ball Blue Violet Purple
Blue Violet
Crystal Ball Antique Green
Antique Green
Crystal Ball Medium Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue
Crystal Ball Light Violet
Light Violet

Gorgeous Crystal Colors!  Spectacular with Sparkling Colorless AB Beads!


Crystal Ball Lovely Pale Rose Pink Crystal Ball Peridot Green Crystal Ball Red Crystal Ball Golden Topaz Crystal Ball Purple Crystal Ball Antique Green Crystal Ball Medium Sapphire Blue Crystal Ball Violet

Crystal Ball 20mm Dark Sapphire Blue with Beads Crystal Ball Gem Colors Crystal Ball 20mm Dark Sapphire Blue with Beads
Beautiful Gem Colors!

Spectacular Crystal Balls are available in your Favorite Colors! Beautiful Sapphire Blue, Lovely Green, Brilliant Red and MORE. Most make gorgeous Rainbows almost as well as the Clear Crystals! Photo shows (at left) Ball in Blue in all THREE sizes of 20, 30, and 40mm.

Also shown (top right) is a Ball 40mm Blue with a Ball 50mm Clear. In center, that's a Ball 30mm Red alone and with a fabulous 76mm Fancy Pear. The Blue and Green Balls shown together at bottom right are 40mm. Green 30mm Ball at top left best shows the softness of the Antique Green color.

These Colorful Crystal Balls are Awesome!