Ball 40mm ~ COLORS ~ 40mm

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Crystal Ball Lovely Pale Rose Pink Crystal Ball Peridot Green Crystal Ball Golden Topaz Crystal Ball Purple Crystal Ball Antique Green (Blue-Green) Crystal Ball Medium Sapphire Blue Crystal Ball Violet

Crystal Ball 40mm Purple Crystal Ball Gem Colors Crystal Ball Peridot
Beautiful Gem Colors!
Spectacular Crystal Balls are available in your Favorite Colors! Beautiful Sapphire Blue, Lovely Green, Brilliant Red and MORE. Most make gorgeous Rainbows almost as well as the Clear Crystals! Photo shows (at left) Ball in Blue in all THREE sizes of 20, 30, and 40mm.

Also shown (top right) is a Ball 40mm Blue with a Ball 50mm Clear. In center, that's a Ball 30mm Red alone and with a fabulous 76mm Fancy Pear. The Blue and Green Balls shown together at bottom right are 40mm. Green 30mm Ball at top left best shows the softness of the Antique Green color.

These Colorful Crystal Balls are Awesome!

Crystal Ball Peridot Crystal Ball Red Crystal Ball Dark Sapphire Blue Crystal Ball 30mm Red and Fancy Pear 76mm Hanging Together Crystal Ball Dark Sapphire Blue Crystal Ball Red Crystal Ball Peridot
Here is a brilliant Ball 30mm Red hanging in a crystal arrangement
with a beautiful 76mm Fancy Pear crystal prism! Fun!